Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine Review

Sewing machine is not only a stuff that can help you to mend your clothes. It is undoubtedly can do more than that. Sewing machine can open a window for your creative mind. It can easily help you out to do different kinds of cool designs to your clothes and crafts using your creativity. But, not all of the sewing machine are capable of doing this. To do this kind of ambitious and mind-blowing designs, ‘Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table’ can be a great choice. It is a very good sewing machine. Here, we will discuss about this sewing machine and will try to give you some ideas about this one’s features and specifications with other important things.

Features of this product:

  • Advanced needle threading system.
  • 100 built-in stitches.
  • LED stitch selection.
  • Drop-in Top bobbin system.
  • Bobbin with clear-view cover.
  • 7mm stitch width.
  • Incredibly easy bobbin winding system.
  • Fully automatic 8, 1-step buttonholes.
  • 5mm stitch length.
  • Comes with speed control button.
  • Drop feed system.
  • 140 stitch function.
  • Easy stitch selection.
  • 7 standard presser foot included.
  • Built-in monogramming and quilting stitches.
  • Has a LED screen.
  • Has a foot pedal.

Benefits of using this product:


This machine is not only good looking but also a workhorse. It has so many good sides. Brother XR9500PRW might be a computerized one, but it is very use-friendly. So, you will not face any trouble operating it. It will ease your working procedure by doing many thing automatically.

Consequently, you will get a lot of spare time to design more of your clothes. With its advanced needle threading system and quick bobbin winding system, you will be able to start sewing within a few minutes each time. Without these, it has so many incredible features factory loaded. One of the coolest thing about this machine is that, this machine has built sewing fonts for monogramming.

You will hardly find this feature in any other sewing machines within this price. And, the most important thing about this sewing machine is its price. You will get this sewing machine within a reasonable price comparing with its features. It weighs around 18 Ibs. So, it can be useful for heavy duty sewing as well. It has built-in quilting needles, so it can be used for quilting too. And this sewing machine’s build quality is also praiseworthy. It will last long, if you take proper care of it. So, if you want a sewing machine full of cool features but within a reasonable price, then this is the sewing machine for you.


Maintenance of Brother XR9500PRW:

To get the best out of your favorite sewing machine you have to take care of your sewing machine. If you can do that properly you can easily get better performance from your sewing machine.

Brother XR9500PRW review

  • Dirt is a great enemy to your sewing machine, so try to keep your sewing machine away from dirt.
  • Use the provided hard cover for covering the sewing machine while you are not using it.
  • Do not connect it on any power outlet which does not provide sufficient amount of power.
  • If you sew jeans or anything hard alike, consider replacing the stitches with the particular (thicker) one.
  • If you do any adjustment to your ‘Brother XR9500PRW’, stop the machine at the first place.
  • Do not pull or push hard the thread while sewing, it may break your needle.
  • Don’t use any broken needle.
  • Do not place or put anything intentionally on any openings of your Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table.
  • Abstain from spraying any inflammable stuffs near your sewing machine. It will harm your machine.
  • Do not put any liquid on your sewing Machine, it is so harmful.
  • Oiling a sewing machine is a must thing, you have to do regularly.

Set up Brother XR9500PRW Machine:

  1. Unwrap the packaging and bring out the ‘Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table’.
  2. Take out the electric power cord.
  3. Locate the cord socket on your machine.
  4. Plug in the power cord on the socket.
  5. And plug-in the other end to the perfect voltage having wall socket.
  6. Connect the foot controlled pedal to the machines particular socket.
  7. Find the Start/Stop button.
  8. Turn ON your sewing machine with the help of that button.
  9. Take a bundle of thread.
  10. And put it onto the spool pin.
  11. Take the bobbin.
  12. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder.
  13. Now, push it to the left.
  14. Pull certain amount of thread from the thread bundle on spool pin.
  15. And wrap the thread around the thread winder.
  16. Insert the thread inside one of the bobbin holes.
  17. And pull to extend the thread to hold on to the thread.
  18. Re-push the bobbin winder to the right side.
  19. By using the hand wheel, start winding the bobbin, it will be so easy as it has quick bobbin winding system.
  20. Once the bobbin is filled, cut the thread.
  21. Then put the bobbin in the bobbin case.
  22. Now, start to thread the needle.
  23. You can easily do that by using the advanced threading technology of ‘Brother XR9500PRW’.
  24. Just follow the illustration on the machine’s body.
  25. And with a push of a button you will be finished threading the needle.
  26. After that you can adjust the tension of your sewing machine by the tension dial.

Last Words:

In a word, this machine is good quality machine for sewing. It is fully perfect for a beginner or even a professional. It will not disappoint you, if you buy it. This sewing machine is capable of doing great work for you. So, if you want a computerized sewing machine with a good build quality, this can be that one.

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