Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder review


A classy touch may be what some of the golfers may be looking for. Bushnell as a quality rangefinder manufacturer has always perfected the art of making their scopes look classy. The same is what you get with the Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder.

Designed to be used on the golf course, it has taken care of most of the intricacies seen on the course especially where using the golf pin and targeting is concerned. For the past years, the company has maintained a visible presence in the rangefinder market, thanks to its research department.

Because they are alive to the fact that golf is a precision game, they have researched and come up with all the angles which were in fact making most golfers give up. The sloppy golf fields for instance were not friendly to those whose experience was still in infantry.

Our site which is rich in the information concerning several rangefinders could not have found any substitute, so it is good that this review attracted your attention before you made that purchase decision.

Features of the rangefinder

Some of the characteristic features of the rangefinder include the following;

  • The highest magnification power at 7 times the magnification power.
  • Uses the slope technology which is important in providing the user with what is called compensatory distance range.
  • A fully water proof body with a carriage case included.
  • Features a clear display with vivid display technology as the key point of reference while at the same time using an LCD display feature which provides better clarity of the target.
  • Better target range with over 550 yards within its cover.
  • Technology based pin hitting technology with the JOLT and the pin seeker technologies in toe.
  • High definition optics which uses class 1 laser beams.
  • It is eye safe in spite of the laser use.
  • 2 years warranty for both repair and replacements.
  • It has the rangefinder high speed digital clock for aiding in measuring the time taken to hit the target.
  • It is certified for use in excursions and tours for scenery viewing.
  • Uses the laser technology with short vibrating burst when the target is hit.
  • Exploits the professional use of the distance extracting mechanism.
  • Lightening fast lever acquisition speed when in use, with the vivid lighting technology prominently in use.
  • A possi thread battery door.
  • It uses battery power which makes it usable in remote areas.


Using the rangefinder is bound to benefit the user in the following ways;

Reliability- the user has the peace of mind of using one reliable scope in getting not only the best shorts but clear ones as well.

Fast– with the digital laser clock, you are bound to experience some of the fastest results in the golf course and also in getting focus in your excursions. This is attested to by the extreme speed precision (ESP).

Better coverage – with the highest magnification power, the rangefinder has some of the best yardage coverage among the scopes.

Trusted manufacturer – with 2 years warranty, users of the rangefinder have the best chance of experiencing uninterrupted use.


User feedback

If I tell you that this is one hell of the best rangefinder in the market, you may not believe easily. However, visit the sites where most of its users have given it thumbs up with a whooping approval of over 90 percentages saying it is the best they have seen.

Its size is one area where the tool has seen greatest approval with its ability to be used with flexibility making this the core area. Its precision is only out if this world and gives the user the most fantastic views eve.

It is therefore not in doubt that this rangefinder has been tour approved especially for those who are into excursions to see the world. However, with all these, the price has always remained an impediment and so is only used by those with means. You can sample this if you have the requisite amount to buy it.


How to use the rangefinder

This rangefinder is regarded as among the fastest, it uses the laser beams which are emitted from the objects in focus are usually allowed to bounce back using the class 1 laser beams.

The invisible eye-safe beams are the mayor reason for the rangefinder to give some of the most vivid views. In its use of the advanced digital electronics, time taken to get the focus is easily taken and can be read by the user.


Money may in some cases be the greatest impediment in the acquisition of any rangefinder. This is the case here. The Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder has all the features any good meaning rangefinder user may be looking for.

Getting it despite the price may just be the only way of eliminating the several issues which usually make golfing and tours rather boring. You can sample other rangefinders which may not be like it but may be within your pocket range, if that is what you have to do.


This will definitely be worth every single penny that spend.

If you don’t like Bushnell Pro X7, you can click below link to get more information about a similar product is Halo XRT Rangefinder.

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