Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder review


If you have never used this great scope, then its time you tried it out. Many of those who have had contact with it are in agreement that among the golfing scopes, the Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder occupies the most pivotal point.

These are not just mere praises but real life experiences from some of its most loyal users and the hitherto first timers who are trying their hands out. Love hate relationships are however quite common in the case of competing products.

It is made by the Bushnell scope manufacturers, attributed to have not only hit the jackpot with just this innovative magnification lens, but with others in the market as well.

The main reason why the scope beats its competition hands down is probably because of its manufacturer’s great investment in competitive manpower. However, the features of this great scope are enough to win gold medal, if any existed in the golf course for scopes.

Unique features

Every great product must have certain features which makes it stand out from the rest. The Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder is not exempt and has been seen to have some of the following features;

  • A wide target range going for up to 1300 yard, longer than most of the scopes within its range.
  • Features a JOLT technology, which is one tool for precision in the golf course.
  • Also features vivid display features with the 2nd generation extreme, speed precision (ESP) which is one tool for deciphering whatever the scope image looks like.
  • A legal certificate for its use in golf tournaments because of its level of precision.
  • 6 times the magnification power which is above most scopes within its range.
  • A clear contrast, clarity and transmission of the scanned area.
  • Uses battery power for convenience in the course of movement in remote areas.
  • An LCD display feature which has high clarity and distinction power.
  • Professionally oriented build, with manageable weight for ease of use and movement.
  • Has a pinseaker which is lacking in some scopes.
  • A metal housing with rubber armor for protection against falls and weather.
  • Adjustability setting on its dopier.
  • It’s certified for use in the course of excursions especially in adventurous tours.

Benefit of using the Laser Rangefinder

Using the scope has numerous benefits which range from between the following;

  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • Clarity of the image and precision.
  • Technology oriented use with the JOLT technology in use.
  • Long lasting use with the water proof features.
  • User friendliness in terms of access to its accessories.
  • Multiplicity and an adventurous feel having the capacity to be used in golf course and tours.
  • Legal cushion without the bother of the authorities.
  • Good focus with the adjustability to suit its brand.
  • An optical enhancement feature, only unique to it.
  • Positive identification with its ESP mode.


Customer feedback score

A five star! That is the most dominant score most of its users have had the grace to award. This may be attributed to its exemplary services. However, its use in golfing has yielded very positive results which have had many running for it.

With the numerous certifications, the Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder’s quality is never in doubt. Most agree that it has the right to have earned these and even more. Most agree that it is the best scope they have ever come across.

While at that, some users have had some reservations which they usually attribute to human error moiré than being the real issues with the rangefinder itself. This takes the burden away and this thus is your perfect golf course lens, if you ever intend to achieve better targets.

How to install the scope

Most of the scopes are used as handheld devices and this is no different. However, the use of the several available mount scopes to give better focus may not be overruled. It uses a laser beam which has been tested to be safe for the human eye.

At the instant of a button’s press, this machine is jolted into action with the digital speed allowing it to get the image and calculates the distance.

Using the scope is usually a fast race affair which the user may not comprehend unless he is technologically oriented.


While going round for some other scopes may be the usual advice so as not to buy a pig in a poke, this case is different. You can buy yours immediately you finish reading this review if that was what you were looking for.

However, you need to reserve some extra cash, in contrast to other scopes which you may have come across. But this will not harm you given the exemplary experience you are bound to have with this scope.

If you are not capable of meeting its price range, why not go through other scope reviews which may have almost the same features yet cost less. Bear in mind, quality doesn’t usually have to be expensive.

This will definitely be worth every single penny that spend.

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