Which is better? Buying a Mattress Online or Offline?

One-third of your life is going into sleeping, so you need to make the best choice while purchasing a mattress that will be comfortable with your sleep. But since mattresses are made to last for years, the main question that arises here is how and from where to purchase a mattress? Should we buy mattress online or from an offline store? What are the benefits? Which one is better?

Don’t worry; We will sort this issue out for you by providing five basic parameters that you always consider while purchasing anything online or offline.

Could you take a look at them?

  1. Price
  2. Quality Test
  3. Variety
  4. Time
  5. Easy Return Policy.

We will provide you with the proper analysis for both the online purchase and the offline purchase for these five parameters. They will surely help you to decide which purchasing suits best for you? Online or Offline?

So let’s begin.


Purchasing a Mattress offline will make you visit the store, select the mattress and then negotiate the price, which is much time and energy-consuming effort unless the shopkeeper is your relative or friend.

But this is not the case in the online purchase. You need to open your browser, type flomattress.com and select the mattress of your choice with an already discounted price, which is less by 10% to 15% than the final bargaining cost of the shopkeeper.

Thus this saves your time, energy and also the fuel which you used for traveling till the shop.

Quality Test

Every Proud Mattress Owner can compromise on anything else but not on sleep, and to get that quality sleep, you need an excellent quality mattress. Now you must be thinking that to check the quality, it is necessary to purchase it offline? How can we check the quality in an online purchase?

Yes, that’s true, getting a quality check can be a little confusing while purchasing online. But one thing which is important to notice is that Flow Mattress comes with 100 days free trial, and if you did not like the quality of the mattress you can return it by an easy return policy, no questions asked. This is a prominent benefit of an online purchase which an offline purchase can never match. However the shopkeeper can assure you with flattering words to purchase the mattress from him, but in the end, it’s you who is going to sleep on it, so it’s your supreme decision to select from where to purchase it.

Sometimes online purchase can be misleading, but due to the rapid growth of technological canvas and proper surveillance measures, online purchases are now hassle-free and easy.


What if you were given two choices, one is the hard one and other as a smart one, you would probably choose the smart one, right? Same is the solution while checking out different variety of mattresses. Going from one shop to another, climbing the stairs, visiting different locations and consuming time and effort to think which mattress to buy and then rejecting it for somewhat reasons, this is a sheer waste of time, but it will surely help you if you want to lose weight. Well, that was the hard one, now let us know about the smart one.

To check out the variety of mattresses, without visiting any physical shop and having your pizza on the couch, the best solution is to visit the website of Flo Mattress. Here you will find tonnes of different kinds of mattresses, and you can check them by photos, videos and also by the reviews which are submitted by our customers nationwide.

So, which one you will probably be going to choose?

The hard or the smart?


Memories can reflect back in your mind, but time went forever! Today people are quite multitasking and have developed discipline and diligence to achieve their professional and personal goals. To get going with this, they manage their time pretty well by making smart choices. Now if you are having some important work scheduled ahead and if you are said to visit the shop, select the mattress, check some other stores where the price is less, bargain the cost, you will undoubtedly take a leave from your daily work routine. That might kill your productivity goals and lessen your chances to meet the end goal. This will definitely happen if you are purchasing a mattress offline.

But there are very fewer chances that the same situation will arise while making an online purchase. What makes it different? Time makes a difference. Let us show you how?

  • You need to browse our website,
  • Slide your fingers on some great choices of the mattresses,
  • Select the mattress which you want to purchase,
  • Add it to the cart,
  • Select pay on delivery or make an online purchase

and whoosh!

You are done.

That took less than 10 mins of a break, isn’t it?

So we hope you got cleared and covered with the importance of your time.

Easy Return Policy

Any purchase if it is online or offline is meant to be successful and satisfying it there is an hassle-free return policy for it.

If you are purchasing it offline, you need to return to the shop only during the business days, also in a restricted time period. Then they will provide you with a tentative date which can last to even weeks and months. Till then, you have to sleep without your mattress. But when you order it online, we give you 100 days free trial plus an easy return policy that gives you convenience from your home to return it 24/7. Our agent will come at your doorstep for collecting the mattress and will provide you with the estimated dates of return. Not only this, you can keep a track on your mattress while it is on its return and replacement journey.

No physical shop can provide you with such benefits, but online shops can do it.

Are you still confused to decide?

Get in touch with one of our sleep experts, and he will guide you more about online and offline purchase.

Hope we were able to solve your purchasing problem, if not mention what should be included by us to make your purchase decision easier and better.

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