California Air Tools CAT-6310 6.3-Gallon Review

Why should you buy this product?

If you are looking for a compressor that offers high performance, durability and operates with hardly any sound, then CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS Dual-Piston compressor is your best option. This air compressor has less than a normal conversation decibel. Operating with a powerful 1.0 HP motor at only 1680 RPM, this oil-free Pump System can be used in uneven terrains and different temperatures.

Despite being light-weight, its 6.3 gallon steel horizontal air tank provides extra air capacity and has wheels for easy portability. This portable air compressor is ideal for you and anyone who need this kind of service and in areas where noise is a major issue.

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Considered as the quietest air compressor in the market, CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLS 6310 Ultra Quiet air compressor has only 60 dBs. of sound. Its oil-free pump requires the least amount of maintenance and can be used in uneven terrains and varied temperatures. It is lightweight and has wheels for portability to far-off work sites. It is environmental-friendly as it is powered by electricity.


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  • Homeowners;
  • Drivers;
  • Maintenance workers;
  • Single contractors;
  • Company contractors;
  • Carpenters;
  • Woodworkers;
  • Athletes


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California Air Tools CAT-6310 Author ReviewCompared with other compressors, this device is quiet with 60 decibels that the noise is even less than two people talking to each other. California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 Hp 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor is equipped with 2 wheels, a rubber foot, and an air filter. In 45 seconds you can hit the hit max pressure even without a connecting hose.

The ball valve at the tank bottom drains the water and is easier to use than the threaded valve found in other compressors. It is efficient in airing up tires as well as various mechanics air tools.

It can be used for smaller painting job, sprayer work, framing, trimming small guns, blowing off mower’s deck and cleaning up for bench top and shop. The price is just right for your budget and will be of your valued gadgets.



Product Overview

California Air Tools CAT-6310 overviewDesigned as one of the quietest air compressors in the industry, California 6310 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor has only 60 decibels. Operating at 1680 RPM, the device is powerful compared to other compressors with greater RPM. Dual Piston Pump System is oil-free and created for high performance and durability.

This compressor performs well in any level of temperature and uneven terrains. Its horizontal air steel tank, provided with a wheel kit, has extra capacity. Compressor is designed to deliver high efficiency and is highly durable as well. The pump of the air compressor does not require any oil and is completely maintenance free.

It is compact in size so it is easy to bring around and store. This air compressor is the best choice for anyone working where noise is a major problem.

Product Features/Specifications

Three adjectives described best California 6310 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor: ultra-quiet, compact in size and powerful in performance. Its extra-large dual piston pump provides increased compression and its extra-long pump life lasts for 3000 hours. It is intended to be used as a stationary and corded electronic device, running at 110V. The amperage capacity of the unit is 8A and the motor is rated at 1 HP, operating at 1680 rpm.

Thus air compressor is equipped with a thermal overload protector. It only takes 130 seconds to fill the tank. There is less heat but heat is dissipated efficiently. There is only one water trap but two pressure control gauges. Air compressor has a powerful motor that runs with a rating of 1 HP and a peak rating of 2 HP.

Oil-free pumps offer several advantages: minimal amount of maintenance and allow usage in any temperature level & uneven terrains.

Overall dimensions: 20 in. x 17 in. x 17 in.

Cord Length: 72 inches

Overall product weight: 49lbs

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

How does it work?

The compressor guides air into a chamber, and then reduces the volume of the chamber, thus the air is pressurized. Air is forced inside the chamber by pistons or one-way valve or aid is guided into the chamber by helical screws that decreased the chamber’s volume as they turn. After the air is pressurized, it is released in tiny bursts by the user. Various tools and machines are driven by this abrupt release of kinetic energy.


For all those who are allergic to noisy machines, California Air Tool CAT-6310 is best option. Aside from its capability in keeping a quiet work area, this compressor requires no maintenance as its pumps do not use oil.

This rectangular Oil-Free Steel Tank Air compressor is your ally when you have flat tire on a deserted road or need to fill up a ball before a practice.  So it is a “must have” for all noise haters. Rated 4 stars for its fine design and silent operation, California Air Tools 6310 stands as a powerful product that boosts of several outstanding features. It considered as the quietest compressor in the industry solving the noise issue. Although small in size compared with others in the market, it works efficiently in handling most tasks. Oil-free pump is environmentally-friendly and requires no maintenance. Equipped with a wheel kit, this lightweight device is easily carried around and does not require large storage space.

Based on noise level, durability, pump efficiency and performance, this compressor deserves an excellent rating. Considered as good buy, this is one of the products that serve your needs for home and work use.

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