Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range Review

Do you love to grill your veggies, steak, sausages, or any food?

You love to cook almost anything, but you do not have any idea what camping grill gas to use?

Then, leave it to us!

Portable grills can offer a more consistent and a better heat source. Plus, it is also easier to clean up than any other backpacking stoves.

Modern grill gases may come in different forms, weight, and use either propane or wood as fuel. For wood-fired grills, they are usually lighter to carry during camping trips. For propane-based units, they are less fussy to use, and they produce consistent heat.

Before purchasing a unit, you must consider whether you will need a grill for your camping trip. But either way, portable grills offer a more even heat. Also, you can quickly set it up anywhere and anytime you want.

With that, here is our review about the camping grill gas that stands out among the rest. And this is no other than the Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range.

The Advantages of Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range is a type of a standing stove with durable materials. It also offers simmering capacities and excellent flame power. Plus, it is good for medium and large groups that go on camping adventures. When you use this product, it can either be freestanding, or you can put on a table.

–    Ideal for Group Camping


The Camp Chef Explorer is a great product for group camping.

Why? It is because this product can cook a group’s food quickly. Also, it can accommodate bigger pans and pots. Moreover, it is one of our favorites when it comes to cooking and preparing meals for a huge crowd.

–    Quick Time to Boil


It is a model that has the fastest time to boil during a boil test. Its stove’s powerful flames cause the food to boil quickly. Plus, it has a large cooking surface area and a robust windscreen. These are the reasons why this stove got an ace in the boiling test. In fact, it is 30 seconds faster than its other counterparts.

–    Efficient Simmering Capabilities

The Camp Chef Explorer simmers food quicker and better than your home propane-based stoves. It has an advanced flame control system that is quite easy to manipulate when simmering your food. The stove’s simmering abilities are also quite impressive.

–    Ease of Setting Up

The stove needs more time to set up than other standard two-burner you use at home. It goes with more parts that require instalment. It contains legs, windscreen, propane adapter hose, and primary burner system. Also, it comes with a wrench so that you could attach the propane hose directly to the stove. However, you do not need other special tools to assemble this stove.

–    Ease of Maintenance and Care

The attention and support you need for this product are just minimal. Also, it does not require much cleaning time for this unit because it is quite easy to clean up. The design of this stove is what makes it one of the best grills available in the market today. It does not hold any debris from any spilt food because of its “bottomless” design. Additionally, you can effortlessly clean its cast aluminium. And it does not stick wasted food particles from its parts.

–    Wind Resistance of the Grill


To get the best out of the excellent wind resistance the product offers, you need to set it up in an area sheltered from the wind. Every burner of this stove has a surrounding wind barrier. But still, this is not an ideal grill gas when camping during windy conditions.

–    Packing Size

The Camp Chef Explorer grill gas can pack down into 32 by 14 by 6.5 inches dimension. Also, it comes with an additional travelling pouch with its windscreen and legs. It does not have a case. Thus, the burners and the knobs may become exposed to other camping items. So, you should pack this item gently and carefully.

–    Ideal Application of the Stove

It is for heavy duty use. That means that you can cook for larger groups or crowds on a regular basis and under any circumstances. It may also go pretty well with your cooking conditions outside of your home. It is ideal for canning, frying, boiling, etc.

–    The Value of the Product

At only $103.83, this stove is not exactly that expensive. Thus, it is a great product with excellent performance. Also, you cannot go wrong with this stove because it is free standing. Also, it will give you a decent flame power. Plus, this stove provided what it intends to do. And for heavy duty, frequent, and large cooking needs, its cost suits its abilities.

Possible Disadvantages of Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range

–    No Auto Ignition Choices

Unfortunately, a turn-down of this product is that it does not come with an auto ignition option.

–    Requires a Long Lighter

For this item, you need a long lighter. Otherwise, you will be burning some of your arm hair.

–    Needs too Much Work to Assemble and Pack

The Camp Chef Explorer requires too much work to pack and install. It will demand the workforce of a few people to assemble the product.

Other Pros of the Product

–    It is durable with robust design

–    With excellent construction quality

–    Easy to adjust and remove the legs for mobility purposes

–    Quick to adjust for uneven floor

–    Comes with two cast aluminium 30,000 BTU burners

–    With three-sided windshields to shield the flame from windy situations.

–    With an excellent value for money

Useful Tips and Tricks

The Camp Chef Explorer does not come with a cover case. Thus, you need to prepare a 32 by 14 by 6.5 inches carry pouch to pack it down carefully after use. And since the knobs and burners quickly expose to heat, we recommend that you purchase a carry bag or case. Also, you may pack the grill gas very gently when you mix it with other camping equipment while travelling. Moreover, you may also choose to buy a barbeque box or a griddle separately.


The Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner Range is suitable for people who loves to cook for large groups and crowds. You may use it on a regular basis and in any circumstances. You can utilise it during tailgating, car camping, outdoor camping, or any other outdoor activities. It has a robust built, and it has an adequate flame power. Also, what’s even better is that you can quickly clean this unit.

It is also one of the most power grill gas with two 30,000 BTU burners available in the market today. Campers will surely love this product because it can accommodate any sizes of pots. You can even use a 12-inch or a 14-inch pan for this stove. Plus, it has a free standing construction that is perfect for group events where space is tight. Thus, all in all, this product is among one of the most valued units when it comes to cooking food outdoors.


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