Choosing the Best Colour for Your Rug

As a new season rolls around, it’s easier than you think to achieve a refreshed new look for your home, all with the help of a simple touch such as a beautiful new rug.

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When choosing a new rug for your home, the possibilities can indeed seem endless. There’s so many to choose from in regards to colors, styles, and materials that it can often feel like a minefield.

One of the most important aspects is the color of your new rug; it can really make or break a new look, so it’s important to get it right first time.

When choosing the color of your new rug, there are a few things to consider.

However, grey and silver are huge right now, and both shades offer a hint of color without going too far. They are also a lot more exciting and modern than plain white, and therefore reduce the possibility of revealing rogue stains, too!

50 shades of…

Different shades of grey will give a different feel to the room. Choosing a grey rug for your home can make a bigger impact than you think.

For example, the lighter the shade, the fresher the room will feel, as well as giving it that instant Scandi look that’s been so popular in recent months.

A darker shade will offer a touch more elegance than those which are lighter and will match with deeper, richer colors for a standout look in the home. Perfect if you already have a lot of darker colors, which you don’t necessarily want to change either.

The shade you choose is up to you, but it’s best to get some samples first or take some photos to help with your decision.


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Another important question, do you want to remain plain, or jazz everything up with some patterns, which help breathe new life into the home?

Geometrics are massive this season, and there’s plenty of different geometric styles across grey and silver rugs to suit any home.

You could opt for smaller, geometric styles, which are easier on the eye, or huge stand-out patterns to create a focal point. Darker shades of grey mixed with super light shades in geometric shapes will work beautifully.

Complementing other colors

Investing in a high-quality rug will pay off for years to come, so doing some initial research will benefit you in the long run. Grey works with plenty of different palettes, such as pinks, yellows and different shades of blue, too.

Soft, powdery pinks work better with lighter greys, and for a regal look, you can combine a soft, dark grey rug with royal blue furniture or walls. Purple even works wonders when paired with grey too.

The focal point for the room

Rooms have a tendency to feel quite bare without carpet, but more and more of us are opting for modern wooden floors with a lovely big rug to set it off and add instant coziness. It also helps to reduce echoing if you have a home with high ceilings.

In this way, rugs can become a focal point for your room, and give it that instant hit of homeliness. Position your rug in a way where you’ll use it most, and you’ll be good to go.

Grey and silver rugs will easily add that focal point to any room, without being overbearing, too.

And of course, color is especially important from a style perspective, but other aspects, such as comfort and size, are equally as important.

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