Why does your company need logistics halls?

What are logistics halls?

logistics halls

Logistics halls are custom built warehouses designed for a specific location and for a company’s specific product needs. They serve to maximize logistical efficiency and the flexible management of physical goods. They will include loading docks, storage, and accessibility via any vehicle relevant to the company and can be laid out and designed to near-exact specifications.

Why does your company need logistics halls?

There is simply not a better or more efficient way to fulfill temporary space needs than mobile logistics halls. These mobile storage and shipping platforms can be set up where you need them – and to the specific requirements that your business requires to make logistics a breeze.

If your company is in the world of production and shipping is part of the day to day routine, mobile logistics halls can make your routes more efficient by increasing pick up and drop off locations and adding additional “home bases” to your production and distribution network.

Logistics halls help companies react quickly to operational or route changes without having to disrupt the day to day workflow- simply have a trucker or other mobile unit pull into the nearest logistics hall and they can be restocked, reorganized, or restructured and back on their way in very little time. Mobile logistics halls are constructed of modular aluminum, making them both durable and easy to set up and break down. Once broken down, they can be shipped to a different location and rebuilt- ideal for companies with ever-changing routes and logistics. Typically, logistics halls can be constructed to specific requirements and sizes and customized to order. They give companies the ability to cut down on drive times and truck weight, make general routes shorter, and provide an off-site go to the center for employees, contractors, and sometimes even customers.

Remember that logistics halls are typically intended for temporary storage- for situations getting the product to its permanent location or to the consumer is not possible in one day, or in the immediate timeframe. Or, for storing product for backorder- logistics halls can be a great way to ensure that your company has enough product on hand and ready to go so that when an order comes in, the product can be shipped out as soon as possible.

Optimize your company’s efficiency

Optimize your company’s efficiencyBecause pre-construction planning for a logistics hall will include a consultation to determine exactly what your company needs, you can rest assured that your logistics halls will be exactly what you need them to be. Physical dimensions, loading docks, flooring, lighting systems, and ventilation will all be taken into consideration when building a logistics hall. As far as needs-based space planning goes, particularly for shipping companies and others that mobilize a good amount of their workforce and product, there is not a better logistical solution than these mobile halls.

Does your company need the interior of the hall to be wide open, allowing for maximum storage space and maneuverability, or do you plan to segment the inside of the hall into rows or columns of product? A quality logistics hall will be set up to accommodate any intended usage. They can be designed for visual impact- with a company sign or display on the outside and a clean, professional appearance, or for internal visitation only.

Let’s say your company is based in Ohio, but you have a vast amount of customers in California and Washington. Having a logistics hall somewhere in the western part of the country that can easily access both of those states can be incredibly useful. Perhaps the company chooses to erect one in Wyoming or Nevada. That way, the drivers servicing Washington and California do not have to drive all the way back to Ohio to restock. A separate crew of drivers handles the Ohio to Wyoming route and the delivery drivers pick up from there.

What to plan for, and what to look out for when considering mobile logistics halls?

When proceeding with a logistics hall to solve your company’s complex shipping and product issues, be sure you have your ducks in a row. Choose a company with a solid reputation and experienced professionals that will work with you from pre-planning to project completion. Are the correct number of loading docks or size of loading area accounted for? Which side of the hall will serve as the main entrance and exit for staff? Have basic planning procedures such as confirming space constraints and a level construction surface been looked into? How about canopies, loading ramps, wheelchair accessibility, customized gate systems, and internal layout for storage?

As far as structure is concerned- make sure that the height and other physical dimensions are more than adequate for your situation. Will there be room for growth? Or room for product increases or changes? Also, be sure that you have planned for an emergency- if the trucks on the road need to dump or store product overnight or for an extended period of time it is imperative that the logistics hall can handle a sudden influx of physical goods. That is part of logistics!

Be sure to check into pricing and rental or buying terms. Here, you will find the best way forward on that front. Pricing should be straight forward and include all aspects of build and operation.


You now can see how logistics halls can be of vital impact to your business. They are quick, easy on all fronts, and exceptionally personalized. As far as your bottom line, there is often no better way for businesses with strategic and complicated logistical operations. They allow companies to have storage and shipping centers in multiple locations wherever the company feels they will be the most beneficial. Logistics halls are custom built and suited to exactly what the company is looking for in each specific situation.

The overall goal of a logistics hall is to maximize efficiency in all manners of product-based business.

If the time is right for your business to expand its shipping, product storage, or general operations, logistics halls bought through this site can help you get there.

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