Consequences of putting wrong fuel in your car

Wrong fuelling your car is not uncommon these days. Figures reveal that one driver wrong fuels their vehicle every four minutes i.e. 150,000 drivers in the UK every year. Wrong fuelling means putting petrol in a diesel vehicle or diesel in petrol. Here’s a complete guide on how to deal with misfuelling and its solutions.

The majority of the times it happens if you are in a rush and you accidentally misfuel your vehicle. The biggest consequence of not draining the wrong fuel straight away is a completely new engine costing thousands of pounds. There are lots of risks involved in not paying any attention after misfuelling your vehicle.

Signs of Wrong Fuelling

The symptoms of misfuelling are lumpy and uneven acceleration, large amounts of smoke from the exhaust and misfires. Majority of the cases the engine doesn’t start properly. When you see these signs call the wrong fuel expert straight away.

What Happens when Petrol goes into a Diesel Engine?

If unfortunately, you have put petrol in the diesel engine then get it drained straight away. Petrol will play havoc with your vehicle by causing friction in the fuel-pump and other engine parts.

The damage will be much less if you don’t your vehicle. In case if you have started, it will mix with the diesel and will then flow through the fuel system with a chance of engine ceasing any moment.

What Happens If You Put Diesel in a Petrol Engine?

The chances of filling up your petrol vehicle with diesel are less because of the size of the fuel nozzle. Moreover, it is not as dangerous as putting petrol in diesel cars because you will most likely be unable to start your vehicle. It is due to the clogging effect of the diesel on spark plugs. The diesel will have to be compressed or flushed to start the engine.

What to Do When Petrol Goes Into a Diesel Car?

The first and foremost response should be to ‘not starting the vehicle’. Put your vehicle in neutral and call wrong fuel experts for assistance. Keep your car unlocked as sometimes simply unlocking it can make the fuel move to certain parts of the engine.

If you ignite the engine, the petrol will flow through the entire fuel system inflicting severe damage to your vehicle. A little bit of negligence can leave you with a huge repair cost.

Am I in trouble because I drove after putting petrol in a diesel?

It might come as a surprise to you but putting the wrong type of fuel in the car costs British motorists at least £150 million a year. Your vehicle is definitely going to suffer if you’ve driven after misfuelling your vehicle with petrol in diesel. Damage can be caused to the entire engine or just some parts but the following parts can be affected to a significant extent:

  • Fuel-pump
  • Catalytic converters
  • Injectors and Carburetor
  • Fuel tank contamination
  • Valve guides and valve seats
  • Complete engine failure in case of a prolonged problem

What Steps to take after wrong fueling Petrol in Diesel?

If you were in a rush and without realizing you drove the car after misfuelling it, these are the steps you need to take:

  • Pullover a safe place.
  • Immediately turn off the engine and take the keys out.
  • Call a recovery service and get the wrong fuel flushed.
  • Get it refilled properly and you’ll be back on the road again.

The longer you drive your vehicle after wrong fueling, the greater will be the damage.

How to remove Wrong Fuel from Car?

If you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, call a reliable Wrong Fuel Recovery Service for assistance. Make sure you don’t hand over your vehicle to an inexperienced engineer. GMM1 has been helping stranded motorists for years. Seek the services of trusted wrong fuel experts to get you back on the road smoothly.

What are my wrong fuel recovery options?

There are three options for recovery for anyone who has accidentally wrong fuelled their vehicle. These options are:-

  • Roadside wrong fuel recovery
  • Recovery at the Garage
  • Recovery at the main dealers’ service center

Roadside Wrong Fuel Recovery

Whenever you are stranded after putting the wrong fuel in your vehicle, call an expert wrong fuel technician straight away. The wrong fuel technicians will get to you where ever you are and remove the contaminated fuel. Directives set by ATEX must have complied and the experts will have a storage tank of 250-300 liters with them that can hold explosive substances.

It will also have two pumps for containing the drained diesel and petrol. A well-trained technician will be able to flush the fuel within 20 minutes. The tank will be refilled with the correct fuel to get you going.

Wrong Fuel Recovery at the Garage

If you choose to get misfuelling treated by a specialist garage, then this method will require more time. Your vehicle will be picked up by a specialist garage and fuel will be taken out at their garage. Technicians at the garage use a static pump to drain the contaminated fuel. The tank will then be re-attached and refilled so that you can resume your driving.

Recovery at Main Dealer’s Service Garage

If you choose this method of wrong fuel recovery then you are looking at up to 5 working days before getting your vehicle back. Your vehicle will be brought to the main dealer’s site and after thorough inspection, the contaminated fuel will be removed. Therefore, this is a lengthy process of recovering your mis-fuelled vehicle.

Please make sure you choose the most efficient method of wrong fuel recovery to ensure that you are not wasting time and money.

How long will it take for the wrong fuel recovery?

Usually, the wrong fuel can be drained within 20-30 minutes if it’s less in quantity and up to an hour if more in quantity by roadside recovery specialists.

The main factors involved in how much time is needed to flush the wrong fuel include

  • The amount of wrong fuel,
  • How far you’ve driven
  • The efficiency of the recovery service team.

What Happens If Petrol in Diesel is not flushed properly?

If you don’t pay urgent attention to flushing petrol in diesel misfuelling, this can cause havoc to your car engine. You may not just need to replace the entire engine but other parts such as fuel pump and injection systems may also need replacing.

The Last Word on Wrong Fuel Recovery

We as human beings always make mistakes, but what matters is how you deal with it. If you follow the above guide, you can certainly minimize the damage done by wrong fueling.


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