Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo Review

The Craftsman Router Table Combo is a combination of a very useful woodworking package. With this combo, you will get a router and a router table as one. The table is very spacious, measuring 334 square inches and the router is quite powerful with a 1-3/4 HP motor. The aluminum casing gives the general structure great stability and longevity.


  • With an idyllic mass of 28 pounds along with a compact dimension, a user can without difficulty carry the machine around.
  • The competent folding means on the struts of the apparatus makes it extremely suitable for storage rationales. In addition, it has an elevated hurdle that has coated MDF appearances that make it easier to deal with longer accumulations.
  • Cutting accuracy is shored up by the bit height modification gauge.


  • It incorporates a router, 1/4″ collet, wrench, an enclosure, a dust protector, and feather boards, in addition to miter gauge which adjusts up to 60 degrees in both directions.
  • The device has an HP motor that functions at an incredible 27,000 RPMs
  • The 334 square inches is an ample dimension for working purposes.
  • The cutting depths will lock down, facilitating micro fine adjustments
  • It has a dust removal port that makes it easier to unclog the system.

Who Is The Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo Ideal For ?

Given that this system offers clients as numerous things so as to get them prepared on a woodworking arrangement, it is appeared to be in actuality appropriate for an amateur person. The cost of the machine is as well really rational; hence someone who is practicing to become a woodworker can totally invest in it devoid of any acquisitions later.


Bosch 1617EVSPK
  • The two containers in the machine comprise a quick clamp structure that permits effortless attachment along with detachment of the system.
  • It functions with numerous woodwork implements such as the Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 router, which has both the fixed and plunge bases. In addition, it has speedy release motor fasteners that make it easy to perform the procedure of adjusting bit in a speedy way.

What will you get after purchase a Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo ? _ See video below .


Other Benefits

The Combo Set
The Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo
4.54.5 / 5
The Craftsman router and router table combo combines accessible as well as powerful aspects that offers the user everything required. The device has a powerful horsepower motor that is able to function without hiccups. This router and router table combo provides several implements that makes sure that the executed work is excellent and superb.
  • The router table has an aluminum casted barrier that is completely encircled into the table for accuracy as regards cutting as well as better dust collection modes.
  • The table’s working area is covered with a protective micro-dot casing for easier sliding plus gliding of pieces during woodworking. This way, it makes sure that the workplace is silent, impact and trembling resistant.
  • Its universal insert plates make it easy for all types of routers to make drilling outlets for specific router. Even when a router may not be inserted on the plate, the machine has accommodative features that will make it easier for the entire operation.
  • The machine has suitable leveling models that make use of lock down screws to regulate diverse heights attributable to its twofold rings.
  • The aluminum barrier appearances are customized hence gaining an additional rationale as a perpendicular jointer

Installation and Maintenance Guide

  • The router table arrives while preassembled hence a client only needs to connect the appropriate parts.
  • The client should place the legs as well as the table structure in place prior to fastening the fences.
  • The user should then make use of the two feather boards for accuracy and the quick clamp structure will permit the user to join and disconnect the system.
  • Finally, the starter pin will permit the user to make accurate cuts on curled perimeters.
  • Download  Craftsman  Router Table Manual guide

Maintenance Guide of Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo

  • The user ought to habitually clean the router table, by means of draining the dust gathering port.
  • Additionally, the user should constantly make certain that all the features are thoroughly cleaned and stored in accessory holders.
  • Oiling of the moving parts in addition to sharpening of cutting edges is furthermore fundamental.


Owing to Craftsman Router and Router Table Combo reviews recorded above, we at this moment familiar with that the inspiration of having this particular piece of equipment is actually pleasant. The setup offers users a range of multi-purposes attributable to both the best router as well as the router table’s capabilities that offers smoothness, precision, effectiveness in addition to expediency for the consumers. Generally, this combo is an appealing plan for any prospective user who needs to work on various upcoming woodworking ventures.

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