Buying Car Rims: What You Should Know About Custom Rims & Tires

In the marketing for custom rims and tires for your vehicle? You will want to know these things before buying car rims.

Wheels and tires are far more than simple circles on the outside of your vehicle. They provide the immediate barrier between your vehicle and the road. They are the four pieces that take the brutal conditions of roads, trails, weather, and speed head-on. 

Not only do your tires need to stand up to the environments they face, but they do so while keeping you safe. With so much riding on your tires, you want to make sure you are doing your part to ensure they get replaced correctly in accordance with the conditions you subject them to. 

Such important pieces of your vehicle should not go overlooked. And the look you desire can depend solely on the wheels and tires installed on your vehicle! Both your wheels and tires can affect your overall happiness and safety of you, your vehicle, and those that ride within.

Stick with us as we explore buying car rims and wheel and tire packages that can really make a difference in the appearance, capability, and safety of your vehicle!

Your Vehicle’s Tire

The state of Idaho has a speed limit in some places of 80 miles per hour. That means the tires of the vehicles travel these stretches of road are being worked hard.

Temperatures in this region can range from -2 all the way to 112 degrees F. Even all season tires can feel the strains of seasons, especially when cruising at 20 over the nations average interstate speed.

Add in the fact that much of the routs outside the city aren’t paved and contain rocks, you have a recipe that takes vehicles tires to their limits. Though not everyone lives with such extremes. Most folks commute about 40 minutes a day at an average of 30 miles per hour, in climates that are much less severe.

What exactly does this mean for the tires of your vehicle? well, as factors such as terrain, speed, and weather reach extremes, more and more is asked of your tires. Wear become present quicker, as tread diminishes. Cracking and weathering can pose the threat of a blow-out when there are larger changes in climate. 

The Importance of Good Tires

Not only is your tires life a factor, but the handling of your vehicle can become compromised if precaution is not taken.

Your tires are meant to operate in their usable range indicated by the manufacturer for the life of the tire. You may have a car that starts when and where you want it to, but that does nothing if your tires aren’t right.

Many tires are, unbeknownst to driver or customer, ran in conditions not certified for use. This deterioration can make vehicles lose traction unpreparedly, increase stopping distance significantly, and make sudden safety actions futile.

No matter the speed, temperature, or road type, the safety of you and those in your vehicle come first. That starts with the right type of tires for your way of life.

Whether you are traveling 80 mph in 112-degree weather for hours, or 25 mph in 65-degree weather for 5 minutes, a tire failure can have devastating effects. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and those around you by outfitting your vehicle with the right tires your traveling conditions. 

What to Know When Buying Car Rims

Wheels are tires go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, a nut and a berry grow very differently and have quite diverse health benefits! Such is the case with the rims of your car in comparison to its tires. 

Your vehicle’s tires are only as good as the wheels they are mounted on. Not all wheels are made the same. Though most all wheels can handle average roads, conditions, and commutes, some wheels may not hold up to fiercer conditions. 

If, for example, you travel some of the more harsh routs of Idaho, a flashy 22-inch rim is not going to do you much good. Damaging a wheel like this won’t only make your travels incredibly unsafe, but will also diminish the value of expensive rims such as these as dirt and rocks mar their elegant finish. 

If you will be traveling off of paved roads, make sure your wheels are rated to do so. Keep in mind that most vehicles come from the factory with a designated wheel sizing that is usually with one or two inches of each other.

The safety standards and longevity tests automotive manufacturers use are credibly rated and should not be ignored.

The Proper Match

With a good idea of terrain and conditions that lie in your path, its time to choose a wheel combo that works for you. There are endless options when it comes to wheel and tire packages, however, only select combinations will work for your vehicle.

Check the dimensions of the wheels found on your vehicle either stamped on the wheel or in the owners manual as well as the right dimensions of tires that are to be used. This can also be found in the owners manual, or on the sidewall of the tire.

Whatever your target terrain is, there is surely a wheel that can do the job that appeals to you. Wheel crafting technology has developed significantly and is always getting better; with new designs, styles, and forms for the likes of everyone in every terrain. 

It is crucial to note that the right wheel for you must be paired with the right tire for you as well. Be sure the rating of the tire you plan on purchasing covers the conditions you will be operating in as well as the proper dimension in overall height, width, and rim size it fits.

The Art of Wheels

No matter your commute type, location or environment, there is surely a wheel fitment that will get you on the right track. Wheels are one of the most important components on your car and should never go overlooked.

With so many styles, shapes and finishes, there is a look that fits any discipline of on or off-road driving. Head to our site and consider buying car rims that keep you driving safe and looking great.

Also, find out how you can keep your wheels looking brand new through every environment!

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