Customize Your Trade Show Displays for a Better Effect

If you want to present your products, ideas, and services better, you can invest some of your time and money into customizing the displays.

trade show display

Here are some options you can consider and information on important details you should not miss.

Recessed Product Displays

Even though they are common, recessed trade show product displays are great when it comes to improving an exhibit structure. By putting boundaries between the different items, you will get your display to stand out from a distance and will also direct the onlookers towards it. It is just as important as the frames surrounding great paintings. To customize your product display, you should pay attention to several things.

  • Proper Lighting

Make sure to focus on making the lighting great for the housing of your product displays. Its design should also allow you to hold and hide the lights. People often use LED strip lighting because it allows for full-spectrum color adjustments. Additionally, ensure the housing is supported properly and is as attractive as possible.

  • Create


There are several different ways to embellish your product displays through the contrast between your product and the backdrop. You can vary the background against the product and if the exhibit wall is graphic-heavy, using a solid color would do nicely. On the other hand, if you have a plain wall, you can use image-heavy boxes. Here too, you can think

about the lighting and create contrast through it. Other custom trade show displays use mirrored and textured boxes to amplify the product but this could reduce the exclusivity of the product.

Small Product Strategies

Small items offer a variety of options if you want to experiment with different design ideas, backdrops, rhythmic effects, multiple product versions at different angles, and more. Give freedom to your imagination and again, keep in mind the colors, lighting, and contrast.

Large Product Gusto

If you have a big product you can use gusto for products that appear submerged into the flooring. With booths larger than 20×20′, you could dedicate an entire section to cutting a closet and making it a glass demo room.

Add Motion

The activity attracts people and you can certainly take advantage of this for your trade show booth. Use a simple or complex rotating turntable display to place your product to appear in motion. This is a very classy way to presents your product and is useful if you want your items to be visible from every side.

Turn It into a Game

It is always good to involve the audience in your presentation. To get the crowd involved with your product, you can design an engaging activity for them. Create some way to have your clients interact with your product. This is especially valid for products such as video games for consoles or VR.

Even if you feel like it is not worth investing money and energy into a custom design for your trade show booth display, when you picture an item next to an almost identical one, that measure starts to make sense. Custom exhibit products and design will also allow you to have greater flexibility when it comes to placement, design, size, and other aspects of your trade show.

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