Digital Door Locks “Next Generation Home Security”

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The digital door locks provide keyless door entry to access a building. They provide a next-generation home security. These locks come with a variety of functions to improve their effectiveness. A person can set either both the fingerprint lock and a password or anyone of those. These locks allow hundreds of different combinations of passwords. For example, Adel 3398 is a quality door lock from Cyber Bay international company. It is 3 in 1 digital device that operates with the help of fingerprint scanner, a password or a mechanical key. The scanner operates within biometric system of control.

The lock provides convenience to all kinds of users. A person can use this lock according to his own requirement (keylessdoorlocks, 2016).

A biometric verification is a kind of authentication used in digital systems. It helps to identify and access control. It helps to recognize fingerprint of a person. But the question may arise that how it actually happens. The biological features of person help to identify that user. Digital system helps to recognize those features. The digital identifiers are already programmed inside the lock system. These biological features include fingerprints, hand geometry, earlobe geometry, and retina or iris patterns. Sometimes, they even use voice waves, DNA, and signatures (Rouse, 2018).

The advantages of digital door locks are numerous. Some are discussed below:


The first thing that catches the eye when using a digital door lock is its convenience. These electronic door locks are much easier to maintain and install than one thinks. These systems are easy to upgrade from simple door locks to digital locks. Users gain access to such locks by using a universal combination code.

Better Access

Biometric system control helps to give access to digital door locks. The problem with mechanical keys is that they can be lost, stolen or copied. However, the password in digital locks protects from such situation. Therefore, it also allows better access to control to the user.


There is some time requires to open these mechanical door locks but it is not with digital door locks (abcsecurity, 2016). This saves quite some time and especially comes in handy when one is in a hurry.

Reduced Cost

One of the main benefits of such a door lock is that it is almost impossible to pick by thieves. This avoids theft costs and as a result, come handy. These locks also come with drill resistant mechanism. This also reduces the cost of a damaged lock that may be a result of an attempted theft. These locks also restrict the duplication of keys without authorization.


These are easy to customize according to need of users. If one has a specific requirement for the lock system, he can still manage to get the advanced door lock. These locks help to meet the demand of working environment and also easy to adjust and customize (InstaKey, 2017).

Lock Reset

The password of digital locks can be easily reset. In case the password is leaked, the owner can easily set a new password to avoid security threat. This is a very useful feature of the digital locks. This digital door lock system ensures that once the new password is set, the lock cannot be opened with the old password again.

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Key tracking Software

Digital locks like Adel 3398 use the option of a mechanical key (keylessdoorlocks, 2016). These systems have an option of the built-insoftware program to track their serialized keys. This program allows the owner to administer and keep track of all the issued keys. These perform major functions like to identify the key holder, locate the key and check which doors provide access to a specific key.

Refined Styling

The evolution of digital door locks also come with the enhancement of their design. More attractive locks are being available in the market with each passing day. The durable package helps to give protection against unwanted access and bad weather conditions. The touchscreen user interface also contributes to uplift the design standards of digital locks.

High Security

The level of security locks provide is akin to its supremacy and better security. High and advanced security is of fundamental importance in a digital lock. The digital door lock systems allow functionality and level of security according to the user’s requirement.

These requirements help to meet the needs of security. Keyless digital doors are making the life easier and secure. The wide range of options in these locks has increased its popularity. The features like easy installation, password change, ease of access and convenient use has made people’s homes advance and comfortable.



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