Want to be hands-on with drain cleaning? Follow these safe DIY ideas

It’s not uncommon to face a plumbing issue in a household, especially with drains. It can feel frustrating at times to see your kitchen sink or washbasin accumulate water. But instead of letting this issue bog you down, you can try drain cleaning yourself. There are some organic and safe ways of doing it. It doesn’t involve any chemical or fumes that can be harmful to you and your pipes. Here are some ideas that you can consider applying.

Use baking soda and vinegar

For this process, you need vinegar and baking soda, half cups each along with a few other things, including drain stopper and hot water. You would first need to put baking soda down the stopped-up drain followed by vinegar. After you pour both these substances, put drain stopper on the pipe so that these can fizz and settle. Leave your sink for at least 30 minutes. Once the time is over, drain down boiling water.

Take the help of the plunger

Plungers have been a useful unclogging tool. You don’t need any chemical in this cleaning method. Petroleum jelly, a damp cloth, and of course, a plunger are all that you require. If you have these items already, then you wouldn’t need to wait to begin the process. To get going, check if there is a pop-up drain in your sink.

drain cleaning
Let’s try to work things out ourselves!

If yes, then open it with a screwdriver. Seal the overflow drain with a damp cloth. Run the tap to allow water to flow. Take a small amount of petroleum jelly to smear it on the edges of the plunger so that it can stick to the surface firmly. Plunge the drain with the plunger until the residues emerge and water starts passing.

Buy manual drain snakes for drain cleaning

Another easy way of getting rid of a blocked drain is the drain snakes. You can get it from nearby hardware supply store for a cost-effective price. You have to snake a spring steel wire into your obstructed drains. Twist and turn it to pull debris out of it. Since these steel wires tend to be flexible, you can use them in different types and sizes of pipes.

Do drain cleaning with just boiling water

In case all those seem to be challenging, then you can pour hot water in the clog to displace stuck materials from the sink pipe. However, you would need to take specific precaution. For example, check whether you’ve got PVC pipes. Then, this solution is not for you, as boiling water can damage the joints. Also, if your sink bowl is porcelain material, you have to make sure that hot water doesn’t directly spill on it. It can be damaging to the surface. The water should enter the drain straightly. So, choose a kettle or pot that can help you achieve this task quickly.

These do-it-yourself techniques can help you clear sink blockages. But if you don’t have time for these tasks or you are not a DIY person or still facing clogging problems after applying these hacks, then you should contact a reputable plumbing company in your area. Plumbing jobs need deft handling, and an expert equipped with proper tools can solve all your small and large drain problems hassle-free.

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