Amazing Dog Supplies and Accessories Every Dog Owner Should Have

Dogs have always been said to be man’s best friend. Over the ages, people are growing more comfortable around pets and dogs in particular. Making sure that you are well able to take care of your best friend is something that you should strive for. There are a variety of products and accessories to choose from to make this possible.

The Products and Accessories

At, we make sure that all your dog’s needs are met.

Leads and Collars

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When it comes to leads and collars we have different designs and sizes to keep your dog comfortable and easy to lead. Most are made of leather but we also have others made from other materials such as metal and LED flashing collars. We also have reflectives and blinkies to keep your dog safe and detectable in the dark.


Dogs love to play and a happy dog makes a happy home. From Intelligence to squeaky toys we have your friend covered. Chew and snack toys are a variety with the likes of Trixie snack balls, kong extreme giant black and BeCo pets balls. When traveling and you do not want to leave your best friend behind, you need to have dog travel boxes, transport crates or dog guards. You can purchase these items at our Zoobio dog shop.


Just like we humans, dogs need a comfortable place to sleep and rest. We have dog sofa beds, cave beds, dog blankets and dog cushions that are cozy to ensure this is possible. Keeping a dog comfortable also comes with making sure they are kept clean and treated to keep away fleas. There are amazingly scented shampoos to enhance your cleaning and grooming tools such as brushes, hair removers, and combs. To add to the list there are medical supplies, paw protection creams, odor removers, and disinfectors to make it both enjoyable and comfortable to live with your pet.


Easy feeding for a dog or a dog bowl that makes it comfortable for your friend to feed well is a plus. A dog that feeds well is mostly obedient. At, we care about your dog’s feeding and would love for you to be able to make it happen on a clean and ideal environment.

You can choose from either ceramic or plastic bowls. There are also automatic feeders to keep your dog sophisticated or travel bowls when going for a trip. For those who love dressing their pets, we have amazing neckerchiefs, bandanas, dog jackets, and sweaters. They are made from different fabrics and materials to serve them during different seasons and occasions.

In conclusion

We would love to remind you to take extra care of the puppies. With carrier bags, puppy toys, and other accessories tailor-made for the puppies you are good to go. When it comes to food, there are puppy milk, wet as well as dry puppy foods. All these are available at our shop at affordable prices. Make your order to get equipped and be able to take care of your best friend and her puppies the best way possible.

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