Drive Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Review

“Are you not as mobile as you used to be?  Maybe you are finding it harder and harder to get around, even inside your house.”

The truth is, there are tools and devices out there for you to use when you need a little help getting around.

One is a Drive Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, which has many of the same aspects as a wheelchair, but is designed to help you get around small spaces.

They are also rather lightweight, so they can be used in travel and while running to the bank or post office. On the flip side, if you know someone that needs a little extra help, like a spouse or relative, this is great for them as well. You can be sure they’ll be able to maneuver around their house safely and efficiently at all times. One model of this type of wheelchair is the Drive Medical Fly Lite.

Here’s what it can do for you;


Clasp allows super quick folding.
Clasp allows super quick folding.


Easy to fold up
Easy to fold up


8 inch rear wheels with locking mechanism.
8 inch rear wheels with locking mechanism.



  • There is a lot to like about this item. It has a cool blue plaid design, so it’s attractive to look at, and it has black accents and wheels, so it won’t clash with anything.
  • As far as design goes, it has 4 wheels, with the back wheels being slightly bigger. This is because the back wheels are able to be locked, so the chair won’t move around when you need it to stay stationary. The front wheels have casters, which can help you steer better, and there are padded armrests to keep you comfortable.
  • Other cool features are the back that can be folded down in order to store it. This is important because the handles won’t be in your way. It is just a matter of one push release and then you can fold the chair up to use later. The footrests can also swing out of the way, and can be adjusted to different heights without having to pull out tools. This means anyone can adjust it to the right length for the user.

Also Great
Drive Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair
4.54.5 / 5
Most of all, they love the color and pattern, since it is attractive and a little bit outside the norm. The Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is kind of like having a wheelchair that’s really fancy.

  • Even though the chair is lightweight, it is still sturdy. It can hold around 300 pounds, so it is perfect for many different sizes of people, men or women.
  • It also has storage pouches in the back for all your necessities, and has a seatbelt, so no one can fall out of it.
  • It only weighs around 17 pounds and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • There are also special features on the front wheels, which allow for maneuverability and turning, so you don’t have to be concerned about where you are taking this product. 

Some people don’t like about the Drive Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

  • There are some that say the wheels don’t work correctly. This may be because you are using it improperly. Make sure that the wheels turn appropriately and that there is nothing in their way. This means also making sure that the locks are not being used and that all the screws and other hardware are secured. You should also not try to use this chair on any surfaces that aren’t flat, as you may not be able to push it.
  • Another complaint is that the seat may rip. One way to prevent this is by using the item with care. You can also go over each of the seams before you use this product and make sure they all look good. If they don’t, you might want to sew them up by hand or glue them, to ensure they don’t come unstitched. You can also purchase a memory foam pillow to sit on, which would take some of the pressure off of the seat of the chair because the weight distribution would be more even.

However, as a whole, many people do love this chair. They love how it is easy to put into a car and go wherever you need to go, so they can spend more time with the people they care about.

They also love that the chair holds up and has all the features you need in a wheelchair. Most of all, they love the color and pattern, since it is attractive and a little bit outside the norm. It is kind of like having a wheelchair that’s really fancy.

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Even with all the features this chair boasts, the Drive Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair have price Currently Not Available* dollars. That means you are getting a lot of bang for your buck when you buy this product. This item is convenient in many different circumstances, including the fact that it can fold up small and easily.

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As long as you take care of this chair and only use it how it should be used, it will stay pristine for a long time. This just involves making sure all the bolts and screws are tight and that there are no loose threads or seams. You also still need to handle it with care when you’re folding it up or storing it, as it is still a lightweight product that needs a little finesse.

Besides that, you can take it anywhere to help stay mobile or to help someone you love.

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