What Ear Wax Removal is and How to Tell if You Need it

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Although ear wax removal is a popular method; however, the general public is still not that familiar with it. So, if you are someone who is struggling with ear problems, you must know about different ear wax removal methods. Besides, you should also know about the signs which indicate that you could be in need of a professional ear cleaning.

The Different Types of Ear Wax Removal

For ear wax removal, you can either go for the syringing method or micro-suction. These are the two most common ways of removing ear wax safely. When compared to ear syringing, micro-suction is a newer method. No matter which method you use, you have to consult a skilled audiologist for removing ear wax. Removal of ear wax is necessary because it helps in dealing with hearing issues. Besides, it also helps in eliminating the risk of ear infection that stems from wax build-up.

Manual Removal

Manual ear wax removal is the most common form of ear wax removal. And you need to seek the assistance of a competent professional to reap its benefits. This method of ear wax removal involves the use of specialized tools which are small enough to fit inside the ear canal.
Designed for eliminating soft ear wax; manual removal is suitable only for minor cases.

However, when it comes to getting rid of hard wax, professionals need to soften it in the first place. And for softening the wax, they have to use specialized ear drops or olive oil.

Ear Syringing

ENT Instruments Aural or Ear Syringe

Ear syringing can be carried out both by a professional or at home with the use of an over-the-counter kit. However, this doesn’t mean that the procedure is free from risks. Both ear syringing and manual removal involve the minor risk of middle ear infection and external canal infection.


Microsuction is the latest and most advanced method of removing ear wax. When compared to traditional alternatives like ear syringing and manual ear wax removal, it’s utterly safe. The professionals involved in carrying out ear syringing and manual removal, can’t see inside the ear. However, when it comes to micro-suction, they can see everything, which makes it safer. And the best part is that it’s ideal for removing both soft and hard ear wax.

Signs That You Need an Ear Wax Removal Treatment

Your ears naturally clean themselves; so professional ear wax removal isn’t necessary for everyone. However, a few signs indicate that you can benefit from having your ears professionally cleaned. A build-up of ear wax can have unpleasant side effects including headaches, ear infections, and tinnitus. Besides, it can also affect the quality of your hearing in some cases. Itchiness in or around the ear is another common sign that indicates you need to remove wax build-up. Apart from that, if you are suffering from ear pain without any infection, you should seek ear wax removal.

A change in the color of ear wax can also indicate that you might be in need of a professional cleaning procedure. Although its color varies from person to person; however, if it turns darker than usual, it means you need professional help.

The changes in its color indicate that you have too much debris in your ear, so you need to remove wax build up.

Your ears are one of your most prized possessions, so you must take care of them. And the best way to deal with the problem of wax build-up is to consult a skilled audiologist regularly and follow their instructions.

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