6 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Kids Every Mom Should Know

eco friendly gift ideas
Eco-friendly gift ideas for kids.

One thing’s for sure, kids love new toys. And if you’re aiming for your family to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, you might be concerned at the amount of plastic in your children’s toy chest. So to avoid buying the little ones yet another mass produced and imported toy, look instead for a more eco-friendly gift idea from our list.

All of these gift ideas are either made from sustainably sourced materials or are designed to make your little darlings appreciate nature.

Recycled Plastic Toys

Plastic Toys

OK, so these toys might be plastic but they’re totally made from recycled milk cartons. Green Toys design and make all their toys in the USA, and there is something for every taste. From colorful and fun bath sets for babies all the way up to cars and fire engines for bigger kids.

If you’re looking for a present idea which has minimal mileage and is doing its bit to reduce landfill, Green Toys are a great option.

Wooden Toys

Wood toy

A nice classic wooden toy is always a winner, from blocks to wheelie cars or kitchen playsets, you’ll be able to find toys for all ages. Local craft markets are always a great place to keep an eye out for locally produced wooden toys. These days there is also a huge selection of online shops where you’ll be able to find sustainably produced and eco-friendly wooden gifts. Etsy is a good place to start!

Wool Slippers

Kids do like to run around. So keep their feet safe and warm at home in a pair of lovely sustainable wool slippers by Baabuk. Wool is one of the most durable materials and the production of quality wool uses fewer chemicals or pesticides than cotton or man-made materials.

Every parent knows that good footwear is essential, and wool is actually staining repellently, much more hard wearing than man-made fibers and biodegradable! So once your kids have finished with them, they won’t take hundreds of years to go back to nature.

Gardening Kit

Kids love playing outdoors, so get them to interact with nature with their own kids gardening kit. If you’re tending your own plot or allotment, set aside a corner for them to grow their own plants and vegetables

Some kits come with seeds and plant pots, other just come with the utensils to get them started such as watering cans and trowels. Whatever you get them will be a great way for kids to have fun in the garden. So get your hands muddy and help your little ones really understand where food comes from.

Eco-Friendly Paints

While we’re getting messy! Encourage your kids artistic side with eco-friendly paints… Not all paint supplies or brushes are eco-friendly, and many contain animal products, so they’re not vegan, or even vegetarian.

Natural Earth makes a great range of both artists paints and face paints, perfect for expressive little ones who want to splash some color. They’re also organic and made in Oregon so you’ll be keeping the mileage down too.

Wooden Balance Bike

Learning to ride a bike is a milestone moment for any kid. A wooden balance bike is a great gift that will bring joy to their face and hours of fun in the park or the yard. You’ll find a huge range of balance bikes available, but keep an eye out for wooden balance bikes produced in your home country.

We hope these eco-friendly gift ideas have inspired you to find some of the great sustainable toys and clothing out there.

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