10 Engaging Instagram Post iEdeas to Increase Your Visibility

Nowadays, everyone strives for appreciation. There has been a rise in the usage of social media platforms and almost every individual has an account on one social media platform or the other.

Undoubtedly, Instagram has raced ahead of Facebook and Twitter, as a top social media app, to become a must-have app for every individual. It has become an amazing platform for expressing our interests, opinions, talents and conducting commerce. Instagram has become a platform over which people can advertise, buy and sell products. But how does Instagram provide satisfaction for a person? This is determined by the number of people following the person, and the number of likes, views, and reposts that they get for their posts.

10 tips to increase Instagram visibility

There are 10 basic tips that one needs to follow to increase the visibility of their posts on Instagram. They are:

  • Posting unique and creative content
  • Posting quality photos and videos
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Being consistent
  • Analyzing success
  • Paying attention to the audience’s pulse
  • Being aware of and using trends
  • Using Instagram tools
  • Using hashtags
  • Using influencers

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10 engaging Instagram post ideas:

Below are 10 Instagram post ideas that can be used to increase visibility on Instagram:

 Giveaways and contests:

Conducting frequent contests and giveaways on Instagram is probably the best way to boost visibility, likes, and followers. This usually occurs by Instagrammers asking participants to follow them, like the source post, share the post on their timeline and as their status, and finally send screenshots of all of these to the Instagrammer via direct messaging.

 Game walkthroughs, live streaming, and reviews:

Instagram is home to various gamers. An easy way to find the attention of the members of the Instagram gaming community is to post-game walkthroughs and/or make commentaries of it. One could also post-game reviews or live stream themselves playing the game.

 Collaborations and making special mentions:

Engaging in collaborative events with other Instagrammers or making special mentions of another Instagrammer on one’s posts or status can help garner more likes or views. Collaborations are especially effective because they tend to introduce the followers of one Instagrammer to the other, thereby increasing the reach of the post.

 ‘Do it yourself’ ideas:

Generally people like ‘Do It Yourself’ videos. DIY videos are the most engaging type of posts, especially among young, female Instagrammers. ‘Do It Yourself’ videos were and are a great success on YouTube. Replicating the success on Instagram won’t be as difficult as you may think of it to be.

Influencers and endorsements by celebrities:

This is the easiest way of increasing Instagram visibility. To have one’s product or content endorsed by a celebrity or media personality automatically reels in all the likes. Having other Instagrammers make special mentions also increases one’s reach by exposing them and/or their content to more folks on Instagram, meaning more likes and follows.

 Art work:

Posting artwork, from doodles to sketches to calligraphy, can easily attract crowds. Nowadays, nobody likes to read much and everyone generally expects content to be short and crisp or visually expressive. They expect that a short glance should provide much information, instead of taking the time to read paragraphs.

Generate nostalgia:

Throwback Thursday (TBT) and Flashback Friday (FBF) tend to garner the interest of many people. Pictures from the past tend to generate nostalgic feelings, as people try to relate with those pictures. The recent ‘10 years challenge’ is a good example of how nostalgic content can generate increased visibility.


Another thing that people like a lot is food. Posting videos on food (food reviews and recipes) can easily increase Instagram visibility. But it is important to remember that the food in the videos should be either exotic or visually appealing or popular. The foodies of Instagram also expect the video and sound quality to be high.

Holidays and events:

Making content that is holiday-themed or based on events can generate a lot of likes on Instagram. People generally like celebrations and festivals, such as Christmas, Diwali, and Halloween.


Memes were what once drove large populations towards social media. Memes have a great response. People have now moved on to making and posting video memes and meme reviews. Memes are so popular because of the pop-culture references that they use or spoof. But due to the great influx in meme creators nowadays, one needs to make sure that one’s meme concepts are unique in order to garner the interest of the audience.

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