Exterior Home Improvements that are Worth It

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If you’ve been focusing your home improvement efforts solely on what’s inside your house to the detriment of the outside, now is the time to change that by making one or two choice exterior home improvements. Why? Quite simply because the exterior of your home is its ‘face’; it is the first part of your home anyone will see, and that means it matters.

If you’d like to improve your outdoors, but you don’t know where to start, here are a few exterior home improvements that are totally worth making for a variety of reasons:

A Lick of Paint

The simplest way to freshen up your home’s exterior, and make it look more attractive, is by giving it a new coat of paint (if it needs one). Instead of playing it safe with the same old white or cream shades, why not brighten it up with a subtle shade of lavender or powder blue instead? It’ll certainly grab people’s attention that way. Just make sure you check any neighborhood regulations first!

Add Solar Panels

Some people think that solar panels are ugly, but I disagree. When they are installed in the optimal position by a professional solar panel installation company, they look fine, and more importantly, they perform a useful function. Solar panels help to cut your utility bills, so you have more money to spend on your decor, and they help to save the planet too! That’s why they’re an exterior improvement worth making!

Landscape the Garden

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, even if it’s only a small yard, you should take advantage of it, if only because spending more time outdoors is good for you, but also because it’ll improve your home’s appeal should you decide to sell.

You don’t have to do anything fancy; just seed the lawn and keep it in good condition, plant a few flowers and perhaps invest in a brand new white picket fence. If it sounds like too much work, get a gardening company in to do it for you. They’ll have it looking beautiful in no time at all.

Add Window Boxes

To some, window boxes might seem quaint, but they undoubtedly add color and beauty to your home’s exterior, which can help to make it stand out to buyers in the future. You’ll also be able to wake up every morning, open the windows, and take in their wonderful aromas. So, it’s totally worth it!

Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture, including a table, chairs, and a parasol to shade you from the sun, are a worthwhile investment because they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and style.

New Windows

If your windows are old or maybe unattractive, perhaps because they’re made from cheap plastic, then having new windows with solid wooden frames fitted will add value to your property and probably save you money by reducing lost heat. Obviously, they’ll look a whole lot better too, especially if you invest in a brand new pair of drapes, a flash of which will cheer up the outside no end.

Now, time to get outside and give your home some TLC!

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