Be Cautious When Feeding Your Pet Guinea Pig

It’s common for a pet owner to think of the feeding process of their pets to be fairly simple to get through. Just buy a bag of food and feed them to make sure that they are eating. In some cases this is true, but it really depends on the animal that you own.

Two Guinea Pigs

Feeding Your Pet Guinea Pig

Take a guinea pig, for example, they are easy to take care of, cute, and super affectionate. Although, as a guinea pig owner do you know what a guinea pig should really eat? You may not think so right now, but there is a lot more to a guinea pig’s diet than you think. Sometimes you could say that it may be a bit complicated if you don’t know everything. Just like other animals, they actually have a few specific dietary needs for eg, alfalfa hay.

It’s completely different from what they may want to eat. In order for them to build up good nutrition, you have to make sure they are eating right. But being a good pet parent and nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.

You always want to remember that feeding a guinea pig doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. It takes a lot more than just a bag of food to get the job done. There’s no mystery behind the good health of your cuddly friend.

Understand Their Diet

When speaking on biological terms, guinea pigs are considered to be herbivores. Which means their digestive systems are fueled by fibers and other plant materials. Depending on what you feed them they’ll be able to adjust to their diet. Some of their diets can consist of different things like pellets designed for them.

Now, their bodies can only take in so much depending on how much they are being fed. When it comes to sweets, you should try to stray away from them. They may enjoy them, but they can actually cause disease.

A lot of the things that they consume can actually be beneficial for them in numerous ways. One thing that they can over and over again, is hay. That’s right, hay is a huge part of a guinea pig’s diet, and they can eat loads of it.

There are different flavors and varieties like alfalfa hay for them to enjoy. Each option that they have comes with a different nutritional profile, but they are all great for their digestive systems. In other words, you could create the perfect diet plan for them to go through.

What’s interesting about it all, is that it is actually possible for them to have a diet consisting of only hay. This is possible because of their being so many options and varieties. It could be considered as an advantage of having a guinea pig. Hay doesn’t mess with their insides as other foods may, plus it keeps their dental features safe and healthy too.

It will always be important to make sure that your pets stay healthy, not just guinea pigs. Once you design the perfect diet for them everything will run as smoothly as ever.

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