Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Bundle Review

If there were ever a perfect first guitar, it is the Fender Squire. Both Fender’s electric and acoustic Squire’s are solid learning instruments. And, with this Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle, you are getting everything you need to get started. Here in this review, I will break down each part of the bundle and what you can expect from it.

Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar Bundle

First Impression

I immediately knew I had gotten a good deal with this bundle. It had everything I needed to get started and feel comfortable learning to play. I was able to use each item right out of the box without having to make any adjustments or do additional research.

Squire Acoustic Guitar

Many people are attracted to this guitar because it has Fender’s name on it. Don’t let that fool you- Squire is a different brand with much cheaper quality. But the Squire acoustic is still perfect for learning. It is a dreadnaught style acoustic, which will get you accustomed to the most basic and traditional form of acoustic guitar. You will want to make sure that it is the SA-50 model if possible, which it likely will be. With a Spruce top. 20-fret Rosewood neck and chrome hardware, the instrument isn’t going to break on you unless you smash it. I have found it to be very dependable and after owning it for two years, it still plays well. I did not adjust the truss rod- the action was nice and easy right out of the box.

It took about a six months for me to break a string- and that only happened because I was ripping a song that was written for electric guitar on this acoustic and striking the struck the high E string a little too hard. Other than that I have found that the strings last a long time and stay in tune well. With the full bundle I was definitely pleased with the bargain.

Fender Squier SA-50 Acoustic Guitar

Clip-On Tuner

I have never liked clip on tuners, simply because they don’t seem to be as accurate as plug in tuners. Still, the clip-on is better than downloading a tuning app on your smartphone. The tuner is easy enough to use- just clip it onto the head of your guitar and it picks up the vibrations and sounds. The Squire does a good job of holding a tune so you shouldn’t need to do any serious tuning except for after changing strings. As a beginner that only plays at home, the clip-on will do just fine. If you start gigging outside of home or jamming with friends, you will want to step up to a better tuner.


This bundle will come with an extra pack of Fender phosphor bronze strings. These strings are very basic- the sound is not the best but matches well with the Squire guitar. The initial set of strings that came on the guitar lasted for a good six months. I changed them once I broke a string. Now, this second set has lasted for another six months of casual but frequent playing. Overall, I have been happy with them. Next time I go purchase strings I will buy a different brand, but for learning and home practice these strings do just fine.

Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD

This is what really makes this bundle a bargain. This DVD is very helpful for beginners- they cover everything from holding the guitar to basic chords and strumming. It has become somewhat of an industry standard that can be found in multiple guitar bundles, both electric and acoustic. I found it very helpful and easy to follow- much better than most of the YouTube videos I have watched. It is not imposing or intimidating. Everything is presented well and allows for proper time to practice (plus, you can always pause the DVD, which I found myself doing many times).

Learning guitar is all about repetition. Austin Bazaar understands that. After pausing and unpausing, I never felt like I had fallen out of the rhythm or forgotten what I had been taught. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you own the DVD and can refer back to it at any time, unlike traditional lessons. You can also give it to a friend or family member if they want to learn how to play.

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Fender medium picks

As a beginner, the type of pick you use when learning will likely become the type of pick you prefer down the line. This Squire bundle comes with Fender medium picks, the most general run of the mill picks around. They hold up well and are flexible enough that once you become comfortable with strumming, you will be able to easily maneuver them between strings without striking the wrong string. This is a problem that is very frequent with heavier picks because they aren’t as flexible. I also prefer medium thickness over the super light picks because I don’t want to play super flimsy picks. I have a tough time playing when my pick is paper thin. So, take advantage of these medium picks and get comfortable with them.

Fender medium picks

Strap, gig bag, and polishing cloth

Another addition that makes the Fender Squire Acoustic Guitar Bundle more than worth the investment. The strap and gig bag gave me the flexibility to move around and go jam with friends. A gig bag is a necessity for every player. There is no better way to ruin your guitar than leaving it sitting out in the sun or somewhere where pets and other people can knock it down. The gig bag protects the guitar from sun damage, scratches, and other incidents that occur when driving or basically just with owning a guitar.

Be careful with the zippers- as this is not the highest quality gig bag they break easily. Same goes with the strap- be gentle when adjusting to your size. Both of these items serve their purpose but obviously are not the best in their category. With the polishing cloth, don’t use water because it will ruin the wood. Use the cloth dry or buy some guitar cleaner from a music store. If you are just dusting the instrument, you won’t need to worry about having a wet cloth.

Bottom Line

The Fender Squire Acoustic Guitar Bundle is a great deal. I recommend buying it every time because it provides all of the essentials needed to learn guitar in one easy purchase. You won’t have to ask a bunch of questions or worry that you are not getting everything you need. Plus, you will gain a basic understanding of guitar gear so that when you are ready to upgrade, you’ll have a leg of knowledge to stand on. This bundle is definitely a good buy for a beginner or as a gift.

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