Giti and the First TPMS System

Giti Tire is a tire business based in Singapore. They started in 1951 and slowly become what they are today, one of the world’s largest tire companies. Between the large variety of different tire products they produce and the countries they serve, it is easy to see why. There newest factory opened up in the state of South Carolina in the United States.

One of the best tire companies

They also provide tires for many races such as the Fun Cup, Nurburgring 24 Hours, and a few others. With their growing popularity and reputation, it is no wonder they have become top in their industry.

TPMS System

A new product that Giti is just now releasing is a TPMS system for their tires. They first announced this new product for their commercial tires at the Birmingham, UK CV show. This new product will make it possible for fleet owners to be able to analyze their fleet’s tires and constantly monitor them.

The TPMS System is going to be called Giti Fleet SMART. SMART stands for Smart, Monitor, Air pressure, Real-time, and Technology. The Giti Fleet SMART TPMS system will currently only be available to their EU market, but they hope to move it nationwide eventually.

This new technology will gather information about maintenance and other upkeep that needs to be done on the fleet’s tires in an attempt to prevent any and all tire failures. It will also notify the driver and the fleet’s base if any loss in tire pressure occurs. This will prevent blowouts and other issues that might arise from a low tire.

By being on top of issues such as these, this will reduce the downtime of a fleet and save them money in the long run. Giti offers a roadside assistant program as well that will help take care of any issues that TPMS System reports if they are critical.

This product was designed with the thought of reducing breakdowns and bigger issues that could arise from a faulty tire. In conjunction with roadside assistance, Giti hopes to keep their customers operational and reduce their potential loss from having to deal with such issues.

The Giti Fleet SMART TPMS system was well received at the CV Show with many new and old clients expressing their interest in the product. Giti has high hopes that this product will be well received and become an essential tool in any fleet’s maintenance routine.


Giti has been a leader in the tire industry for a few years now. They offer quality tires and upkeep services to their customers so that they get the most out of their purchase. They are always releasing new products in hopes of bettering the lives of the people they provide services for.

The new TPMS system is designed with the consumer in mind. It will keep up with the maintenance of the tire and alert the consumer of any potential tire loss, in an effort to keep the company operation. With services like these, it is clear to see why Giti is a leader in the industry.

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