DIY Glass Shelf: A Guide about How to Make One

Glass shelves are designed to fit in small places where a huge massive decoration piece can’t be fixed. Moreover, it provides storage with an elegant look. Let me mention some highlighted benefits of glass shelves.

Glass shelves match almost every type of décor

They are more attractive than wooden or metal shelving

The benefit of glass shelf is that they always save on flooring space

Strong and reliable

Allows light to shine through, in this way they create a stunning look.

Types of glass shelves

There are thousand types of glass shelves available in the market. I would like to mention some of them.

  • Floating glass shelves
  • Custom glass shelves
  • Kitchen glass shelves
  • Bathroom glass shelves
  • Bar glass shelves
  • Wall mounted glass shelves

Glass shelves are versatile products in the field of glass products due to two internationally accepted facts. The first is the way they enforce extra brightness in bright spaces. The second is how they prevent heavy rooms from being too much dark.

A video about Bar Glass Shelf:

The veracity of glass shelves

In living rooms, glass shelves always make their way because of their quality “there but not there” as they blend into the environment creating a transparent view. You can place all your favorite items on the glass shelf and let them enhance your style.

When talking about kitchen shelving, transparent glass shelves are best to have as they serve in dual ways. They not only add storage to the kitchen but also create a breathing space which gives the kitchen a fresh and airy look. No one wants to block the beautiful view of his/her garden or even a small balcony. Hence, glass shelves are the best option for the kitchens.

A wall can be the best place for decoration. Why don’t you use it?

Placing glass shelf as a separator between kitchen and dining table can simply give a modern touch to the place. Moreover, placing some DIY decoration pieces on both sides of a separator can add extra style.

Application of floating glass shelves. 

Glass shelves are perfect for the wall. If you have a boring clean wall than turn it into beautiful stylish storage space. All you need to do is to add a glass shelf bracket. With the help of just one floating glass shelf, you can turn your unproductive wall into a storage space, which you can use to hang your favorite stuff and enjoy a new aesthetic look.

When talking about storage space, the most ignored place is non-other than powder rooms. The majority causes the blockage of air and freshness in shower rooms. This effect can be minimized by simply using transparent glass shelves. Create symmetry into your comfortable shower room by placing glass shelves on either side of the door.

There are thousands of fruitful applications of glass shelving when creating serenity along with the purpose to use the space. Other than kitchens, there are many other places to consider living rooms, dining rooms, walk-ins, closets and so on.

Select the type of glass shelves which best suits your requirements and carefully install it.

A Video about Floating Glass Shelf:

Installing a glass shelf

First of all, collect all the accessories that you will need.

  • Glass shelf
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Mounting template
  • Wall saw
  • Brackets
  • Screwdriver
  • Adhesive caulking

Step 1: Plan the Shelf

Planning a shelf include the style of shelf, where we are going to put it and definitely the type of glass.

Selecting the type of glass for your shelf is a crucial task.

If you are going to place heavy objects avoid using thin, annealed glass. Make sure to buy the type of glass accordingly.

If you are going to place sizeable load onto the shelf, the glass must be sufficiently thick and tempered.

When selecting for childproof shelf corner floating glass shelves can be the best choice.

Step 2: Cut the Glass

After planning the shelf, next task is to cut the glass according to your requirements.

If you are afraid of cutting the glass by yourself, you can order a custom cut glass easily available in markets of improvement stores. But cutting glass at home is easier than cutting wood or other materials.

For cutting class make sure to follow expert instructions to avoid any injury or unwanted condition.

Step 3: Placement

Once you have decided what to place on shelves than you need to decide how to place shelves for best effect.

If you are using more than two shelves then the vertical arrangement can considerably helpful.

Make sure to keep sufficient room for the objects you are going to place on shelves in vertical positions.

Step 4: Marking

We have decided where to place our shelf. It’s time to mark the exact positions now.

You have to ensure that your marking is accurate. You may need to install brackets depending on the style of your shelf.

Again make sure and triple check your measurements otherwise you may end up with lopsided shelf.

Other than shelves always make sure to triple check your measurements, no matter what glass you are installing.  

Step 5: Saw and Drill

Now after marking accurately, we need to drill holes.

Before drilling grooves, make sure there is no electrical wires or any other material present in the wall which can cause any serious problem.

If your shelf includes brackets with screws, drill holes so that it can be fixed properly.

Step 6: Fix the shelf

Now it’s time to fix the shelf.

If your shelf came with the bracket, securely attach the shelf with supplied screws.

In case of grooves, check if the shelf fits into them.

After satisfying from it, apply adhesive caulking on the edges of the shelf, then slide it through the grooves.

Make your shelf is completely dry before putting weight on it.

Everything is done and your shelf is ready to shine now!!

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