A Definite Guide to Survival Games: From Surviving to Thriving

Survival games are games that are challenging to master. With the launch of No Man’s Sky, the survival genre of video games is seeing more players joining this hostile and immersive world of gaming. Whatever you do in these games, the thumbs’ rule is that you should never get caught! This is the main focus of any survival game. Since No Man’s Sky is one of the most popular survival games, you can check the most recent games’ updates from here – robots.net. Remember, the more knowledge you gather about the fundamentals, the faster you can find the wilderness’ way out.

An Introduction to the Survival Games

Many games have some element of danger, so it could be said that many are about surviving, but there’s a difference between surviving in games and survival games. In these games, you start off with nothing but a hand, a rock, or some other primitive tool. Your job is to grow from primitive to pro, crafting weapons, making food and creating clothing to shield you from the elements. Survival games are anything but chores. Strategy, action, adventure, and even architectural planning are all genres you’ll experience with these games.

Things to Know Before Playing Survival Games of 2019


Health is pretty much straightforward. And with that, there is more to know about health other than keeping the five hearts secured. Since the survival games advance in complexities, more numbers of variables have been included to keep a tally of! There are different factors that act towards the detriment of health. Bandages, with assortments of craft-able items, are essentials that heal you after a massive skirmish. You should always keep a few of such things in hand, as they stack and hence are easy to build.


Hunger is steadily becoming a staple in survival gaming. Hunger is not just finding food and eating it; your hunger bar will fill quicker or slower depending on the amount of food, whether the food is cooked or prepared, and whether the food is rotting, diseased or overcooked. You don’t have to be a chef to keep yourself well-fed, but in the early game, this is one of the hardest stats to keep satisfied. Be very mindful of the hunger bar, because if overlooked it will easily be the end of your adventure.


Before playing any survival game, surviving is what everyone requires considering. The second thing is about flourishing. This is exactly where armor comes into the picture. While you can start out with shabby and basic clothing, the search for the armor should always be a constant. While some armors are crafted, others are the best looted from the rival player.


For the more hard-core survival games, it’s not enough to protect yourself from other players. You’ve got to protect yourself from the elements as well. Shirts and jackets are more than fashion statements

Thus, it can be concluded that these are the things one should know before playing a survival game.

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