GunVault Speed Vault SVB500 Gun Safes Review

It took a long time before most people realized what they were missing in terms of getting the best gun storage safes. For those who have a cache of weapons at their disposal like hunters and marksmen, having a safe is apriority. The Gunvault SVB500 gun safe has been made to do precisely that.’

These were the sentiments of one of my associate who is so much into game hunting and needed somewhere to tuck away his hunting rifle, away from the kids and his spouse.

The Vault brand is unique in itself when it comes to designing some of the best looking short gun safes ever seen. With some of the safeguards put in place, the manufacturer has literally managed to pull a first on the users.

How effective?

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

Based on its diverse features, the safe has been found to be one of the best biometric systems around the market. In fact, it is literally described to be ready fort action at the first instance.

However, it is the discreet manner in which the gun safe works which makes them be the preferred products for your home or business enterprises.


Looking at the diverse unique feature will be one area worth considering before jumping into the bandwagon. Some of the features the safe has include;

  • Light in terms of its 8.2 pound weight.
  • uses battery power
  • Gun vault Speed Vault SVB500 gun safe has a set of drawer cabins which can be easily activated to open.
  • Strong metallic build which makes it break proof.
  • Easy to use with an option of mounting on the wall.
  • Safety riders with an override key which allows for access when the pass codes fail to function.
  • Digital key which allows for the access to be easier.
  • Interior lined with foam material to enhance scratch and knock proof storage.
  • a design , unique only with this safe which also makes the storage of short guns easier
  • A warranty from the manufacturer to boost the rate at which the product users enjoy its services.
  • Has an audio system which may give beeping sound at an instant, when the vault detects tampering

Benefits of the Gunvault

Some of the outstanding benefits that have been noted with this gun storage device include;

  • Improved safety on the guns whether at home or in the office.
  • Possibility of longer use based on the strong steel casing.
  • Flexibility in terms of use, mounting and even access.
  • Accompanying extra materials to help the user get the best safe storage services.


Can it be recommended?

Though it may not have some of the qualities seen with its other brand counterparts, it still has enough up its sleeve. The use if this safe has been widely acclaimed as among the best. The safety levels and the speed at which it works make it the more suitable for use both at home and in any business.

For those looking for something secure enough, the Gun vault Speed Vault SVB500 gun safe offers you the best option for needs. It is relatively cheaper though a bit higher priced in comparison to most of its peers. It’s one of the best biometric gun safe, you should have it to protect your gun.

Though this is not a lead for it purchase, it is overly worth looking at. But ensure it serves the relevant purpose it is usually meant for, only keeping intruders away. if you need a more secure safe, try checking around on others, or just keep away from this.

How to buy and use

Buying the best gun safe can be quite an easy task of placing an order and waiting for delivery, especially from the online platforms. The process of purchase and getting to buy in most cases rests with the buyer.

Because the role of seeking information may be universal, especially where customers share it in such forums, it is only those who seek the information who benefit. By going through such reviews, making a purchase decision is likely to be easier.

Online shops are the best places to buy this safe though not the only exclusive place to get it. The tool is better installed at a fairly raised place for ease of access to only adults and not children who may not be allowed to access it.


With so many of the gun safe lurking around, it may not be easy to make a conclusive decision on which one to purchase. However, having the right information usually helps put you at par and may be important in the course of helping you choose only the best.

The Gun vault Speed Vault SV500 gun safe is your best in this era, given its design and safeguards. We can be sure that it will deliver every aspect of safety which it is known for. Though with some little weaknesses seen on almost manmade objects, try it.

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