Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe Review

The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault is a compact safe that provides quick access to your handgun whether you decide to mount it near your bed or somewhere else in the home. For mounting, it is possible to mount just the back or the side, or both if using a corner. Washers are necessary when using the screws through the mounting plate. There are three thumbscrew holes on the back of the safe- these are the best bet at an easy and successful mount. The battery required is a single 9 volt. Mounting hardware is included.

The safe weighs 8.2 pounds and comfortably fits a Glock 21 or 23, or other similar sized handgun. It is possible to squeeze and extra cartridge in next to the gun if you do not mind the tight fit and don’t think it will affect a quick retrieval of the weapon. There is not, however, a designated area for an extra cartridge or other storage.

General use

The opening procedure is quick and consistent. You will not have any issues getting your gun out of the safe in a timely manner. There is plenty of room to get a firm grip on your weapon. Children will not be able to open the unit, and the shape of it allows for mounting in many places. It can be hidden and dismissed as a jewelry safe or other lock box if necessary. The mounting is very secure- a concerted effort with a very strong object would be necessary to knock the safe down. GunVault did a great job designing this product, and it makes for a great addition to the home or office for any handgun owner. The quick access digital keypad is easily programmable after reading the manual and never fails to open with the right code.

GunVault SV500


The white floodlight on the inside of the safe is extremely bright. It almost makes it hard to see the handle and nose of the gun. The L mounting bracket could do with a few more screw holes although the ones in place will suffice to get the unit mounted quickly. The low battery warning only works once you touch the keypad- this is so that it is not constantly flashing and advertising that there is a gun safe in the room, I’m sure. Just make sure you take quick action when the battery is low so that you do not forget and find it dead next time you try to open the safe.

BEST FEATURE OF GUNVAULT SV500: Quick Access Drop Down Drawer

GunVault SV 500 Quick Access Drop Down Drawer

The defining characteristic of the SV500 is the drop down drawer. The drawer functions automatically upon a successful opening and saves the user from having to dig around for the gun or reach a hand far inside the safe in order to grab the handle. In an emergency situation, this is very important. This design feature also makes the safe extremely convenient on a low mount. If you have to reach down to grab the gun, the drop down drawer ensures that you can quickly grab it and be ready to turn in less than five seconds after opening. This feature also helps to disguise what you are doing to anyone that you have your back to. It is a reason why Gunvault SV500 is the best gun safe on the market


It can be loud when lowering, ruining any element of surprise. This can be doctored with WD-40 or other household products, or potentially some jiggling and adjustments of the unit itself. In the interim, though, the squeaking sound is quite annoying. While it does not affect the storage of your gun and I have never heard of a case where this squeaking caused the safe to malfunction in any way, it is a downfall to having more automatically moving parts than absolutely necessary.


OPTION: GunVault SVB500 Speed Vault (Biometric Option)

The biometric fingerprinting feature on this model option of the safe aims to prevent unauthorized entry- and it does it well, as long as the batteries have juice. This feature prevents the user from having to memorize a code (or have it written down somewhere where it may be lost or found by someone else). With the Gunvault SVB500, the biometric feature is small and compatible with the size of the device- quite a technological accomplishment given that biometrics were originally designed for large bank safes and the like.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 gun safe

This feature adds an extra layer of security- if a crook knew you and could guess the code, if they were able to approach the safe they would not be able to open it and retrieve the gun. However, even the user will be locked out of the safe if there is no power to the unit.


The Gunvault SVB500 eats batteries quickly, and when the batteries are low it may open and provide access to the gun with an incorrect code or finger. This is why you SHOULD NOT buy the biometric option if you have kids- a disaster could ensue if they were able to open the safe when you are not around. Whle the odds of this are extremely slim, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, you may be locked out until more power is provided if the batteries are low or run out of power. This can also be a nightmare if you have children or just about anyone else around that may try to open the safe. Make sure to use the keypad if children will be around the safe. Set a good password and change the batteries frequently- if you do these two things you will not have any problems. Just remember, the biometric version does not handle well when power is low.

NOTE: The biometric feature has an annoying beep- this can be disabled by holding the LEARN button for three seconds. You will see a green light flash and hear a couple quick beeps, thus signaling the disablement of the main beep.


The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault is a small, efficient addition to your home or office. Because the device is so easily mountable, it is very versatile and you may find yourself wanting more than one if you own multiple handguns. Keep one at work and one by your bed. The key element here is that as long as you stay current on battery changes, the safe will not give you any problems and will last a lifetime- always providing quick, efficient access to your handgun. This is an innovative product that will become an industry standard and a model that will be copied over and over. For the price point, buying now is a great idea.

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