Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls Review


  • Recently I got a chance to visit one of my old friends. Over dinner, he offered me a glass of wine and after taking the first sip, I asked him if he changed the wine? He answered me in negative and told me that he had just purchased a 6-bottle wine cooler from Haier brand. The wine tasted much better than last time we had such a get together, which made me curious to inquire about the Haier wine cooler.
  • I know that he is living in a  small apartment, so I asked him how has he managed this appliance at his home? I was really surprised when he showed me a compact and a  sleek wine cooler, which was fitted under the kitchen counter. I was determined to get this wine cooler for myself, so I gathered information about it.

Let me share with you, the features and benefits  of this amazing mini wine cooler from Haier.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Quiet Cooler: Since this wine cooler is based on the thermo-electric  technology, there are no moving liquids and neither is any compressor involved in cooling. This ensures  quiet and vibration free cooling. Being a thermo-electric cooler, it is also CFC-free and eco-friendly and you can keep the 6-bottle Haier wine cooler in your home without any harmful effects.
  • Full Electronic Display: You will be mesmerized by the looks of full digital display and easy to use control buttons. The display and buttons are lit by blue LEDs, making it easy to use at night too. There are separate temperature  displays for both red and white wines. The temperature can be displayed either in Fahrenheit or Centigrades as per your convenience. The settings  available on the control panel are: ” Temperature Up/Down, Selecting °F/°C, Temperature setting button, Light ON/OFF, Power button, Dual temperature display in the digital LED form. “
  • Gentle interior light: To get a better view of your wine collection, Haier diligently crafted a soft light inside the cabinet. Organizing your favorite wine is not going to be difficult anymore. With lighting, it has become much easier to monitor and manage wine bottles.
  • Elegant designed glass-Door: The insulated double pane glass door is ideal for protection from the surroundings. The trim of the door has silver looks and the door is curved in shape with smoked glass. The handle is ergonomically recessed on the side of door for space saving.
  • Removable chrome shelves: This compact wine cooler consists of 4 shelves which are made from chrome metal, which not only provides strength, but also gives an overall amazing look to the shelves. The shelves can be removed from the cabinet  to keep larger bottles of wine.

Product specifications

  • Model Type:                     HVTEC06ABS
  • Weight:                                20.9 pounds
  • Rated Voltage:                  115V/60Hz
  • Cooling Method:              Thermo-electric
  • Certifications:                    ETL
  • Storage Capacity:             6 Bottles/ 6 cubic feet
  • Temperature Range:      46 to 66 degrees F
  • Installation:                        Free Standing
  • Cabinet Material:             Metal
  • Color:                                    Black Cabinet/Trim

Who must buy Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

Haier has done a marvelous job, by developing this amazing 6-bottle wine cooler for wine enthusiasts.

  • This compact size wine cooler fits easily under the kitchen counters or any other shelf space. Due to its modular design and small size, it is ideal for wine-lovers having limited space in their homes.
  • 6-bottle Haier wine cooler is also perfect for occasional wine lovers who like to have a small number of chilled wine bottles readily available
  • Since it is light-weight, this mini wine cooler can be considered as a gifting option.

Benefits of Haier 6-bottle wine cellar:

This free standing countertop wine cooler from Haier has following benefits:

  • Maintains silence at home- living in a small apartment and do not want to keep a noisy refrigerator? No problems, 6-bottle wine cooler from Haier is absolutely quiet in its operation due to thermo-electric technology.
  • Low cost-if you do not have enough money to buy spacious wine coolers, do not spoil the taste of your favorite wine by keeping it in the refrigerator. Rather buy a mini wine cooler like 6-bottle compact and stylish one from Haier.
  • Low Power Consumption– with ETL certification, this compact wine cooler is quite high in energy saving since it consumes very low wattage.


How does Haier 6-Bottle wine cooler works:

The 6 bottle mini wine cooler from Haier comes with electronic thermostat which can be easily controlled with the help of buttons available on touchscreen panel.
Peltier, a great scientist discovered that when the current gets passed between two different semiconductor materials, a temperature difference is created. Thermo-electric technology is based on this, so- called Peltier effect.
The whole thermo-electric process is vibration free. The only moving parts are the fans which are used to:

  • Circulate cool air inside the cabinet
  • Move heat from interiors to outside.

Any vibration disturbs the sedimentation which can ruin the taste of wine, but almost zero vibration of this wine cooler maintains the flavor of your wines. This is the reason why most successful wine coolers are thermo-electric based rather than conventional compressor-based.

User reviews and recommendations

88% of customers have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here is our recommendation for this stunning wine cooler.

  • Feature and price                                                            10/10
  • Advantage benefit                                                          9/10
  • Installation, warranty, maintenance                        9/10

User guidance, maintenance and issues-fixing

  1. User GuidanceHaier 6 bottle wine cooler should not be kept in damp surroundings to prevent rusting and damage to its body. Keep it at an ambient temperature of 77°F to maintain the stability in cooling. Avoid keeping in direct sunlight or other heat sources.
  2. Maintenance-All the mechanical as well as electrical parts are covered under 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Fixing issues-The wine cooler must be placed on a hard surface.The power outlet should have proper grounding and before switching on the cooler, it should be cleaned with warm water and baking soda to eliminate any plastic or foul smell from it.

Conclusion and review summary

  • High temperature range, removable chrome racks and a thermo-electric cooling system make it a coolest appliance for wine-lovers.
  • After buying a Haier 6 bottle wine cooler, you will realize that at such a low price, you get so many inbuilt features which match similar benefits of spacious high end models.

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