How it works?

We monitor a multitude of marketplaces, keeping abreast of key trends to choose which products and services to cover. Within any one category, we may research dozens, even hundreds, of choices to arrive at a short list, usually of 10 products.

Scoring & Ranking

The result is our handy ‘Value Rating,’ which ranks each item using multiple parameters, such as:

  • Product popularity: tracks how many items are sold daily.
  • Value for price: is based on product reviews from both customers and experts.
  • Brand quality: is based on what’s been said about the brand in reviews by experts and customers.
  • Brand popularity: reflects how many people are talking about the brand on blogs and social media.
  • Price: shows how the price tag for this product compares to similar items.

Our writers read hundreds of online reviews for you, so you can find the product you want faster.

We collect tons of info from:

  • Customer reviews cartoon megaphone
  • Expert consumer blog articles cartoon price tag
  • Sales data cartoon manufacture document
  • Manufacturer specs cartoon thumbs up
  • Social media posts


Since products, services, and marketplaces inevitably change over time, we periodically update reviews and product lineups to ensure they continue to provide the most relevant information and advice. A product’s score and ranking may change as new products are reviewed, and new features and attributes are added to the evaluation protocol.