How Much Wood Fencing Cost?

Fence installation takes a lot of effort and time. The final price, however, boils down to factors such as the length, design, height, and the material of the fence. Typically, fence installation services charge on the basis of per linear foot, which covers the cost of labor as well as materials.

Broadly, you can expect an average investment of $2,745 for wood fence installation according to HomeAdvisor. The same source also reveals that you can expect expenses to shoot as much as $5,959 or they can only total to $900 only depending on the fence’s structure and length.

To simplify this further, the wood fencing cost for installation lies between a range of $1,692 and
$3,981. Let’s dig further into the details of these costs:

Installing a wooden fence

Getting a wooden fence installed is not a small project. Several expenses go into the process including the costs of pickets, posts, rails, sealant, hardware, and the price of gates as well.

Obviously, these costs vary as per the size, design, and height of the fence. For instance, you would require a taller gate with a tall structured fence, which would be far costlier than a simple wooden fence with a small gate.

Similarly, intricate design work on your fence will also add to the costs, taking the total expenditure up by several notches. Therefore, the final cost varies between $1,692 and $3,981 as per HomeAdvisor.

Improvement also gives a similar estimate. According to this source, the average cost of fence installation in the US ranges between $1,733 to $2,680. It also suggests that the costs can be as low as $60 or as high as $5,139.

Typically, however, prices for installation don’t go as low as $60 unless you want a Wooden Fence Repair, in which case too, the lower bracket cost stands at $135. Generally, prices for wooden fence repair fall between $293 – $826 according to HomeAdvisor.

Due to the difference in the materials, some fence builders suggest using cedar for the pickets and pine for the fence posts to optimize the longevity and durability of the fence’s structure.

Fencing costs per linear foot

If we look at per linear foot costs for installation, then the biggest impact on your pricing is of the type of wood you choose for your fence. You can expect a cost of $10-$20 per foot depending on the type of wood selected.

A professional can help you choose the material, laying out the pros and cons of each. In the case of wood, you have little to invest in the maintenance. Additionally, it also showcases a good lifespan provided it is treated well.

Some types of wood commonly used as fencing material with their price per 6-foot tall picket include:

  • Cedar for a price of $2-$3
  • Cypress for approximately $2
  • Western red cedar ranging between $6-$8
  • Redwood adding to a cost of nearly $8
  • Spruce for about $5
  • Pressure-treated pine costing between $1-$5
  • White oak pricing lying between $5-$10
  • Black locust same as white oak pricing for a 6-foot tall picket
  • Composite for a cost of $6-$10
  • Tropical hardwoods for $8-$15

Best materials for your fence

Of these, pine, cypress, and cedar are common choices with the expenses for cypress and cedar costing between $2 to $3 per six feet. In contrast, low-quality pine comes within a price range of $1 and $5.

Due to the difference in the materials, some fence builders suggest using cedar for the pickets and pine for the fence posts to optimize the longevity and durability of the fence’s structure. The explanation is simple, cider tends to resist the damaging effects of the rain and sun, whereas, pine is well-suited for resisting decay.

You also need to be mindful of one thing here – not all wood is created equal. Therefore, if you get a price lower than these mentioned ones, you should reconsider the quality of the wood. After all, it is better to invest in good quality wood material in the start rather than having to get the fence repaired on a regular basis or replaced altogether.

What’s more, you also need to bear in mind that the pricing for installing a ready fence, building, and installing a fence are different. So, if you have your own materials, you can expect the labor charges to run anywhere between $30 to $80 on an hourly basis. That said, it takes about 20 to 35 hours to complete an average 150-200 linear foot fence.

Rounding it up – factors that go into the total price

To quickly recap, let’s breakdown the various factors that influence the cost of a wood fence. Firstly, the type of wood you select for your fence plays a detrimental role. Secondly, the height and design of your fence also impact the total price.

Thirdly, getting a fence installed from a professional also adds to the expenses. Lastly, some other factors that can influence the price are permits, concrete delivery (if required), preparation, marking utility lines, permits, and approval from HOA.

While the numbers highlighted above give an appropriate picture of the average costs to expect, you can also use a calculator such as ones offered by Improvement and HomeAdvisor to learn your local prices.

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