How Often Should You Replace Your Razors

A razor is mandatory in the grooming process for every man. It is with a razor that a man can maintain a clean shave without having to visit a barber every two days. However, with the rise of technology, times have changed, and that has affected the grooming tools used by both men and women. By this, the gap between shaves is longer today than they used to be.

Even so, men still get stranded over how often to replace razors. Regardless of the quality of razor you go for, they are not made to last forever. With time, the blades become blunt and less effective in achieving a clean shave. If you do not want to end up with too many ingrown hairs, razor cuts, and irregular shaves, then consider replacing your razor. Here is a guide on how often you should replace it.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Razors

When it starts tugging and nicking

You know how your blade gets stuck on the part of your beard, and it becomes difficult to glide it smoothly on your mane? That is an indicator that the razor needs to go. With time, the sharpness of the blades wears off. The sad bit is that the sharpness wears off bit by bit, which means that part of the blade may tend to be sharper than the other. With this, you will find that the smooth glide of the razor goes away, and instead, the blades start to tug and nick. This can be annoying especially when you are in a rush, and the blade keeps doing that.

Besides, if you are not careful, you will end up with a lot of razor cuts, not to mention, ingrown hairs. This is because the blades pull some hairs unevenly, causing unnecessary tension on your skin. Instead of having to deal with soreness over something you can avoid, consider replacing that razor.

When it starts rusting

Even the best cartridge razor gets to the point of rusting sometimes. This is especially the case because most men shave after taking a shower (which is recommended by experts). Ideally, the moisture from the damp hair strands, along with the shaving creams can be the source of rust in your razor. If you notice some rust stains on your razor, then you have waited too long to change it. If you are not careful, the rust may cause skin problems for you, and unsolicited infections once they get into contact with your skin.
Since you cannot wholly avoid cutting yourself when shaving, it is better you do not risk getting an infection with a rusted blade, simply because you are stubborn not to replace your razor.

Depending on the quality

Quality control is paramount when it comes to grooming tools. Even though people prefer to go for cheap products, when it comes to razors, be particular and keen on quality. Sure some brands are expensive, but if their qualities are excellent, then, choose them over cheap ones. Technically, depending on the quality of your razor, you may have to replace it 1-6 times in a month.

A good-quality razor can remain sharp for a longer time than a poor-quality one. This is why some razors have one or two blades, while others have three or more blades. The later has a cleaner and thorough shave than the others, not to mention, has more longevity.

When you are changing up your grooming kit

Razor replacement.
Razor replacement.

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Change is good, and change is bound to happen at one point in life or the other. That said, some men require a grooming kit change as they would a wardrobe change. The idea is to solicit new products and grooming tools in the market for more efficiency in the grooming tools. If you are used to the old school razors, you may be surprised at the variety of other razors there are in the market that could do a much better job than your current tools. If this is you, then change your razors as you change your grooming kit.
If the shoe fits right

There is really not an agreed-upon standard upon which one should replace their razor. A lot of the times. Men change up their blades when they feel the need to. Since you are the one using the razor on yourself, you know when the razor is dull and not efficient, which means you should not be guided on when to change it.

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