How to Become Efficient With a 5 Step Web Development Life Cycle

Web Development Life Cycle

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Everything has a life cycle, where they are either used, employed, initiated or lived. They all begin and end because nothing is permanent and would not move into eternity. Nothing is as certain as in computer science where the inevitable end would come and when it does they would need to be either removed and stored or destroyed so that it does not compromise its origins.

A web development company would know their responsibilities and their parameters where they would be careful to initiate appropriate steps to ensure what they developed, implemented and maintained is not compromised, hence at every step of web development there is a concern that adequate security is maintained.

If you are intending of joining the bandwagon and becoming a web developer it would be inevitable that you apprise yourself of the five (05) important steps in the web development cycle, how to be an efficient and also know when to end it. We look at these steps in sufficient detail whilst also ensuring that the appropriate security concerns are addressed at every step.

#1. Analyze and Initiate

A web development company would need to take into consideration all concerns of their client by collating optimum information from them so that nothing is left out or overlooked. The brand itself is not the primary issue everything related around it should be on the table, Concerns of distribution, staff allocations, advertising strategies, competitive activities, communications and everything else that the client would need to ensure the success of that particular brand.

A complete analysis by the development company would ensure that they have all the information required to ensure that the brand would stand a fair chance on the competitive platform it would be placed on and has the ingredients to succeed.

#2. Design and Develop

Once all the information is at hand then the development company could go ahead with the actual product that would take the brand to its potential customers. The design should fit into the right platform and identifying where you would place the brand and what support would be extended to it have all to be carefully considered in the design and development.

The developed product should marry into the brand like a hand in glove and it should ensure that success would be definite and imperative once implemented.

#3. Launch and Implement

Once the product is ready to be launched it is imperative that the most appropriate and best time is selected to ensure maximum effect is created. The competition should be caught unawares as the surprise is a very good element even in business just like in warfare. The competition should be held in shock and before they could overcome every initiative should be launched and implemented.

Before the launching of software, a thorough testing process has to be carried out. In fact, it is better to go through an end to end testing process. With that, it would be possible to overcome most of the challenges and issues that exist in the software. As a result, the users can be kept away from frustration in the long run.

The surprise element is very crucial and if the product launched by the web development company is unique in every aspect success would be written all over the endeavor. The world of business is very competitive and only if you are the early worm would you be able to taste success if not your brand would be left to rue later.

#4. Operate and Maintain

Once the cat is out of the bag the competitors would go to any lengths to sabotage the launched product hence keeping an eagle’s eye on what is happening on the ground is imperative. The web development company should ensure that the tempo is always maintained and not allowed to drop. The brand should be supported by the developed design and ensuring that it maintains its advantage all through would depend how it is maintained. If there are any flaws or deficiencies they should be immediately addressed and rectifications and corrections initiated.

The development company should ensure that the tempo is maintained at the highest levels and only then could the competition kept in check.

#5. End and Dispose

Once the product comes to its inevitable end, responsibilities of the development company do not end. They would need to ensure that the product that they launched is carefully taken out and either securely archived or completely destroyed as per the clients’ instructions. Leaving it unsecured or in abeyance could create unnecessary issues in the future.

During this phase, proper user training has to be provided. The users need to be trained on how to use the software, based on the role that they play in a business. On the other hand, you will need to make sure that some of the users are being provided with a basic technical training so that they will be able to overcome the minor issues that will arise in the software. Hence, you will not always have to take a look at your software issues.


The development company has to collate the maximum information about the brand if it is to develop a strategic product that would ensure success once launched. To do so they would have to initiate an effective dialog with their client whilst ensuring their own networks are on the job gathering additional information. The market is very competitive and no web development company could go with a half-baked product as it would be disastrous from the inception as the competition would be all out to shoot it down with their own strategies. The responsibilities of a development company are manifold and they need to take each and everyone one of them seriously and that is a very big load on their shoulders. Hence the security aspect should be maintained at all times.

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