How to bolt down your gun safe to the floor

The mere thought of your gun safe being tucked whisked away by robbers is enough to send some chill down your spine. This is not because of anything but the sentimental value most of us attach to our gun safes.

While the reality of the safes being heavy at times is real, this has not usually deterred the robber from trying to access the safe and even carry it away altogether. The valuables we keep inside the safe are of great value.

This fact alone calls for their improved protection. However, most of us think that the guns will be safe with the save just placed on the floor. Anchoring the safe to some support of the floor or wall has been found to work where extra security is needed.

There are two kinds of floors which need to be considered, the wooden floor and the concrete floors. Most concrete floors of rental premises are the most challenging part because landlords may have issues. In fact, bolting the safe to your own house floor is even better.

Wooden floors however, need extra care when anchoring the safe to them. Learning the how part of this, then is important. There are several ways through which a gun safe can be bolted.

However, the one we may concern ourselves with is the one on the concrete floor. These methods all call for one thing, preparation. Most of the people who own gun safes prefer to bolt the gun safes to the floor.

Why we need to bolt the safe

Bolting a gun safe on the floor makes the gun safe more secure from theft. It’s been noted that because of the importance of the items and the ever growing level of gun safe security, burglars would be safer carrying the safe and then checking contents later.


However, the risk of prying and opening of the safe may be increased on the un- anchored safes. So anchoring makes the gun safes even better placed to give your valuables the security you need.

What we need to bolt the safe to the floor

  • A level floor.
  • Your favorite gun safe.
  • Anchor bolts.
  • Nuts with washers.
  • Covers of plastic or metal.
  • Hammer drill.
  • Desired 5/8 OR ½ inch by 3 inch bits depending on the floor type.


The process of preparing the floor involved eliminating any object which could have been placed prior to this. For instance, carpets may not make the safe to be anchored properly.

  • Have the gun safe placed at that spot and measure the desired spots for the anchoring. Because most safes come with the own anchor bolts; the likelihood of drilling through them is thus eliminated.

But if need be, this may involve marking the points to be drilled on the safe and floor. So drill the holes through the on the safe to enable the bolts to be tightened.

  • Drill the floor using the hammer drill. This gives you the correct holes to place your anchor bolts. Put the washers on top of the bolt before driving them into the floor.
  • The bolts need to be driven into the floor using an appropriate hammer. The bolts are then tightened with the nuts to allow the gun safe to have proper anchor.
  • Place the plastic covering to make the top of the bolts invisible to the eye to the inside of the safe .Your safe is now ready for your use.

The procedure for wooden floors may just be different a bit, given the difference in the floor strengths. This then may call for purchase of extra materials to help in the anchoring of safe on the floor.

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