How to choose a fryer? [Guide 2018]

Welcome to our fry purchase guide. The following options are available among fryers: classic fryers, those with little oil or semi-professional fryers. We will try to explain below, all the options so that you can choose the best fryer.

Classic fryers

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The classic fryers are the ones of a lifetime. They have a basket that is dipped in a tank full of oil. A cover completes the set.

This is the least healthy way to make chips, they are not really dietetic, but they are very tasty.

On the other hand, this type of fryer is the most affordable. You can find them with all the options described above.

Fryers “without oil”

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This new model of Best air fryer brings a great modification to the design itself since you no longer have to bathe fried potatoes in oil, a small amount is enough.

When we talk about a small amount, sometimes it is a simple spoonful of oil for 1kg of potato chips. This makes potato chips much less fat than a traditional fryer.

On the other hand, the flip side of the coin is that the price goes up. This type of fryer is more expensive. But if you want to make chips and other healthier fry for your family, we strongly recommend that you choose a fryer with low oil consumption.

Semi-Professional Fryers

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Finally, semiprofessional type fryers are the ones that are generally rectangular and that we are used to seeing in fast food shops.

From the point of view of the price, most are cheaper than “without oil” and their cooking method is better than that of the classic ones. Its internal resistances are better distributed and the cooking is more homogeneous.

The cooking will remain greasy, as the French fries are always bathed in oil. But from this point of view, we prefer this type of fryer over a traditional fryer.

5 criteria to analyze before choosing

We list the 5 most important criteria or options when choosing your fryer:

The capacity is measured in Kg of chips and not in the interior volume of the container since some fryers will need a smaller volume (because they will use less oil) to cook the same weight of chips. This capacity can vary from 0.8 kg to more than 2.5 kg.

The presence of a timer and an adjustable thermostat is also essential. If you do not bring it, you will spend your time opening the fryer tray and you will have trouble cooking your food.

A removable container, to gently remove the chips from the oil bath and drain them. Some fryers also have a removable lid. The tanks and covers that do not damage the dishwasher are preferred.

Cold wall option: makes the appliance safe, especially if you have children who may want to go to the fryer to see the chips cooking inside.

Fryers connected: There are few models yet, but this allows you to control your fryer from your smartphone or tablet, without having to stand next to it.

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