How to Clean a Mattress from Urine?

Urine stains are one of the most persistent and difficult-to-clean types of dirt. Many housewives simply do not know how to clean a mattress from urine so they wipe the stain with water. and try to remove odor with spraying their favorite perfume on a stain and around the room. But masking the smell with a perfume is not a way out. The smell simply indicates that the liquid has not been cleaned from the mattress completely. And as long as the dirt remains, house mites, bacteria, and other parasites will be finding a cozy place for reproduction in a mattress.

In many situations, it is possible to remove urine stains and smell from a mattress by using means available. Although you should stick to the cleaning technology if doing everything on your own. Otherwise, the attempts to clean a mattress will turn into irrevocable damage of its upholstery. So, how to clean a mattress from urine? Also, if you are looking for good quality mattresses, have a peek at this site.

How to Remove a Fresh Urine Stain From a Mattress?

A fresh urine stain of a child or an animal can be removed almost instantly if you start cleaning a mattress immediately after a puddle is there. In this case, you need to act very quickly and correctly!

  1. Take off a case from the mattress and wash it. Collect the liquid from the mattress as quickly as possible with a dry towel or napkins! Use them to dab the mattress surface. Never press on a stain and do not rub it, this will only move the liquid deeper.
  2. Vinegar will help eliminate the pungent smell of urine. It neutralizes uric acid and destroys its smell. Dilute vinegar in water in a 1:3 proportion and spray it on a mattress with a sprayer. If there’s no sprayer, apply the solution with a sponge, but put napkins on top of the stain immediately to absorb the excess moisture.
  3. The ordinary baking soda, which can be found in any kitchen can be used to absorb the remains of moisture. Spill the soda on the dirty spot and leave it for 10-15 minutes. It will absorb the remnants of vinegar solution and urine.
  4. Hydrogen peroxide,  which you surely in your first aid kit, can be useful in removing stains from a mattress surface as well. Dilute 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide in 200 ml of water and shake well. After that, use one of the above methods (a sprayer or sponge with napkins) to apply the composition on a stain right on top of the spilled soda. As a result of the chemical reaction between soda and peroxide, a thick and persistent foam should form. Leave it for 2 hours. The oxygen abundantly releasing during the reaction discolors a stain effectively.
  5. Two hours later pat dry the place where a stain was with dry napkins and vacuum properly to collect soda from a mattress. After such cleaning procedure, leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room for at least 10 hours for full drying and weathering of the smells of soda and vinegar.

This method is good for cleaning mattresses from human and even animal urine. Vinegar will cope perfectly even with the pungent smell of pet urine! Recall that this method is suitable only if a stain is fresh.

How to Clean a Mattress From Dried Urine Stains?

If it’s been a while and the puddle has already dried up, rest assured that no means at hand will remove the stain and smell without harming the upholstery of a mattress. The urine has already penetrated deep into it.

N.B.: Tip! Many sites recommend removing a dried urine stain with chlorine. Never do that! Chlorine is a powerful anti-pollution chemical, but you won’t be able to completely wash the mattress after using it! A chlorinated mattress is not the best place to sleep, especially in a children’s bed. Also, the upholstery of a product will be at risk. At best, it will just get stiff and tough.

There is a more harmless way to remove urine from a mattress by means at hand, i.e. cleaning it with citric acid. Dilute a teaspoon of citric acid in a glass of water and apply the composition to a stain. 1.5-2 hours later wet the spot, vacuum it and leave the mattress to dry. In most cases, the acid will eat up and discolor a stain. But, just like with chlorine, we want to make a warning – not every mattress upholstery can survive under the influence of such aggressive means. In some cases, the stain is corroded along with the fabric, and on the surface of a mattress reel, irregularities, and even holes are formed. Decide for yourself whether to risk or not. But our experience shows that there is a more economical way to get a clean and fresh mattress than buying a new one.

The only Guaranteed Way to Remove a Stain and Smell Keeping the Mattress Safe and Sound is a Professional Dry Cleaner.

Mattress dry cleaning from urine – removal of old stains in 1 hour!

Professional dry-cleaning of mattress from urine allows penetrating as deep as possible into a mattress and therefore removing dirt from the inside. It is done at home by extractor method with the use of potent cleaning products. The dry cleaning process consists of several stages:

  • A detergent for your type of mattress is selected from a professional line. All professional means are environmentally friendly and safe for children and animals.
  • The cleaning composition is sprayed over the mattress with a special extractor vacuum cleaner. The pressurized detergent penetrates into the deep layers of a mattress and destroys dirt from within.
  • For persistent stains manual cleaning is chosen, for which stain removers are used, since they are effective against any kind of dirt, but harmless for upholstery and mattress filler.
  • The mattress is washed with clean water. At the same stage, excess moisture is removed. Mattress dries completely in 4-10 hours in natural conditions.
  • Special flavoring agents help to fully remove the smell of urine from a mattress.

Even if a stain on a mattress is not very large, dry cleaning is carried out all over its surface. It is done to ensure that after cleaning the cleaned spot does not differ in color from the rest of the area. After dry cleaning, the clean upholstery will be noticeably lighter than other sides of a mattress.

Note! After finding a urine stain on a mattress, do not rub it with conventional household cleaning products! Ingredients for washing dishes, soap, and other chemistry will not cope with a stain, but will irrevocably leave stain marks on the upholstery.

If you try to clean a mattress with chemical means at hand, no dry cleaning service will give you a guarantee to work. Do not risk your mattress, it is better to entrust it to professionals!

The specialists at a dry cleaning service will dry clean a mattress from the animal urine or baby’s urine in 1 hour. Effective cleaning techniques, strong detergents will guarantee the cleanliness of your bed and the health of your family.

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