How to clean car light?

How to clean car light
car headlights are usually like the eye which the car uses to see

For car safety and use at night, car headlights are an important addition on the car. In fact, it is usually like the eye which the car uses to see. It is usually made of special, plastic or polycarbonate and at times it may get degraded and change its original taste.

The degradation may just be arising from the build up on the other dirt or just dust, making them become dim. Another area which causes them to be clouded is the effect of the ultraviolet rays.

It may pose a grave risk to the motorist and so cleaning them may be vital. In most cases, what challenges the users and drivers are how to go about cleaning the car headlights.

As much as possible, cleaning headlights may be a one-off process which is quite simple if you know. We have taken time to give you tips on how to get the headlights clean again using some of the readily available detergents and cleaning agents in the house.

Some of the cleaning tips may involve the use of materials like the ordinary toothpaste or just the use of scrubbing agents. You may need to clean the headlights in this order;

  • Get to know the nature of your headlight– this is important in letting you be in tune with the correct cleaning process. This may call for cleaning using just ordinary soap or other hard detergents. This is a long process which needs you to be involved at all times by checking on the brightness of the headlights. If the lights have scratches, it may need special scrubbing in the course of cleaning.
  • Wash the car headlightsWash the car headlights– this process would be conducted well if you used warm water and soap. This may be done using the ordinary toothpaste. Ensure that the headlights are dried well to ensure that they are clear to have a better examination.
  • Switch on the lights– check on how the headlights behave after being washed. Check for the manner in which the lights look when lit up. The yellow spots which appear on the headlights may be signs of dirt build upon the polycarbonate. The yellowing is also the sign that the ultraviolet rays have been affecting the headlights. Yellowing may not be easy to remove and requires the use of better cleaning agents.
  • Sanding – this may call for ensuring that the area with scratches is returned to its former self. In case the headlights are scratched, sanding them systematically may return the smooth feel in them which could have been lost. But ensure you tape the areas you do not need to sand. The sandpaper should also be wet to make it friendlier and less abrasive.
  • Apply a finishing polish– this is only meant to give the headlight that shiny taste, however, it is also important in giving protection against the effects of ultraviolet rays. You may decide whichever polish you apply depending on the gravity and the taste you have. Polishing requires style and needs to follow a certain manner with gentle, slow movements taking precedence. You may also need to apply different coats of polish for that good look. However, the application of an ultraviolet sealant helps to protect the car from the effects of the sun rays.
  • Add adhesion– in some case, the headlights may have become loose on the sides addition of adhesives on the areas around may help in sticking the headlight to the car body.
  • Check on your headlights and adjust them– this involves the switching on of the car engine and then checking on how far the light reaches. The light rays can be checked against an obstacle which will be giving the correct distance of the lights.

Cleaning a headlight may just take a few minutes if you took your time to the whole process. It is good if you just concentrated on the cleaning the car headlight if you are intending to have your car lights get that magic gleam.

In some cases, the involvement of professionals may be necessary if you can’t get the headlights back to normal. For broken headlights, replacing them would be an ideal decision.

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