How to find the best place to install gun safe

Gun safes are usually found to be quite appropriate when it comes to safe storage of guns. Gun holders have no choice whatsoever but to have these safes to guarantee the safe existence within the home.

Most gun holders have this ominous fear and are bent on protecting what is only precious to them – life at all costs. Because of the level of gun holder ship, the United States has become a place with a large population of people with gun handling knowledge.

 best place to install gun safe
best place to install gun safe

This has then made these weapons parts of the daily lives in the society. Gun safes then become part of the home. The choice of where to place it is then quite important. This is because, it’s safe placement will determine whether it’s a place prone to the eyes of those who are bent on misusing it.

However, this must not be a one off thing because it should be in the mind of the user before even its purchase.

What to consider

The place where the gun safe is to be installed needs careful choice bearing in mind a myriad of reasons. Some of which include;

  1. The purpose of purchase- while it’s obvious that the gun safes are meant to ensure the weapon’s safety, this may come in all shades of styles including theft, fire, water and just general prying. All; these factors may make the choices of the place of installation to differ drastically. Theft however is usually made to top the list of where to install the gun safe.
  2. Other considerations- In some instances, there could be need to have an alternative source of power, especially when talking of electric safes, this may then prompt the selected area to be near the socket.

However, the contact with water may also make the safe to be installed in a raised area as well. All these are important when considering where to place the gun safe.

Some of the most important factors to consider may also include;

  • The nature of the weapons which are to be stored.
  • The duration of storage of the weapons.
  • The environment whether prone to cases of burglaries.
  • The topography of the area as is the case with flooding areas.
  • The overall conditions of the intended area, dry, humid or mixed.

Some of the most appropriate areas where the gun safes have been found to enjoy a lot of safety include:

#1 Within the bed compartment


The family bed area to the gun holder remains the number one choice of gun safe installation. This is usually due to the fact that at this point, the owner has the capacity to access the gun in case of an emergency.

There are certain grey areas however which may prove counterproductive like the instance of a conflict at home, triggering family members to use the gun on each other.

The upsides

  • No instances of gun safe contact with fire and any humid objects.
  • The bed sockets can serve as ready power supply points for the electric safes.
  • Ease of access to the gun when need arises.

The Downsites

  • May prove counterproductive when accessed by children or intruders.

#2 The areas at the lower base of the house

With houses which are designed to have a lower free area, this could be used. Its use is only pegged on the space especially where the safe in question is huge. Its use may have its upsides with a few grey areas to look at.

The Upsites

  • The area is spacious and so can take in larger safes.
  • The anchoring is easy on the floors, no need to care over the floor texture.
  • I9ts not in the eyes of those who may want to pry.

The Downsites

  • May expose the weapons to high water contact levels.
  • May be more costly to make the safe more secure against water and fire.
  • In case of need, access may not be easy and may expose the user to great risk.
  • Not suitable for rental premises.

#3 The cooking area

The mere imagination by any thief that the gun safe may be in the kitchen is usually quite remote. This usually makes the area an ideal place to have this all important storage compartment. However, the conglomeration of diverse weapons, characteristic of knives, spoons and all manner of items may not be a suitable idea.

The Upsites

  • The possibility of concealment.
  • Quick access to the female gender when need to protect themselves arises.
  • For smaller safes, it has ready compartments for anchoring.
  • No likelihood of prying given the unlikely nature of the storage.

The Downsites

  • Can be the most counterproductive should an even t of theft occur.
  • There is high risk of fire and water contacts.
  • Any misplacement of safes keys may prove costly.
  • Likelihood of misuse as there is access of the family members.

#4 The open garage

Because of its nature, this may in most cases be the only option. However, it is not the best of places to install the gun safe. In an instance, getting to the safe given the stuffed nature of most home garages may just be the elephant in the room. Another reason is that mixing the safe up among the several other things may not just be ideal.

The garage as it is may only have the point of movement with ease as its strength while several other factors like the risk of available tools to pry open the safe, the overall safety including brisk of fire, humidity and the nature of poor accessibility in case of need working against it.

#5 The office room

office room

Though not common recipients, they are known to have enough spaces to install the safes. The fact of the aesthetic value of the gun safe may play out prominently when the living room is to be used. For instance, the colors need to fit in to be able to give the camouflage. This is because it will be in the eyes of all who may visit.

The Upsites

  • Enough space to accommodate any size of safe.
  • A sign of status.
  • Security given the eye of the user on the safe.
  • Well installed safes may be easy to maintain against fire and water.

The Downsites

  • Ease of prying by the family.
  • Easy risk of fire if placed near the chimney.
  • If the safe is bulky, then the space for other furniture may be taken.


The choice of the gun safe installation point needs to be done carefully considering the several factors at play. However, most of the points of installation are seen to have their own share of weaknesses and strengths. It is upon the one using the safe to do what is right.

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