How to install car speakers?

How to install car speakers?
Car speaker system gives you amazing sound.

At purchase, most cars are installed with an audio system which comprise of the car speakers. However, at times, these may run obsolete or, may not be to the taste of the car owner. The car speaker in this case becomes an accessory worth looking at.

Because of the important place the car audio system hold, they are usually found installed in the areas of the doors, car floors, behind the car seats and at the rear. All these areas present their own challenges when one is to undertaker the whole exercise

Installation of the car speakers has been one of the easiest areas of the car system. In fact, getting a speaker is found to be relatively cost effective.

In spite of the already set up system involving the car wiring system which most of the cars have at purchase, car speaker may come with its own wire system.

Prepare for the installation

The first step to follow when you are planning to install the car speaker may be to follow these simple steps;

  • Get the dream speaker– you have to look at the custom speaker of your choice. In fact, depending on which car model you drive, the process of installing the car speaker system may differ. The involving nature of some of the speakers may require you to have prior knowledge of what he is up to.
  • Get the tools– the diverse tools which you may need to use are readily available within the home. Most of the tools include the following; drivers and bits, drills and screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters, crimping tools, soldering irons, panel removal tools, c lip remover, a file, electrical tape and a hobby knife.

How to install

The car speaker system as we have seen comprise of different accessories. The woofers and the car tweeter system are the most common areas where the user may need to carry out installation.

All of these however may have the following procedures in the course of installation;

  1. Disconnect the car battery to avoid cases of being electrocuted as you go about handling the car speaker wiring system. It also helps protect your car.
  2. Check the car and get to locate the area where the speaker is to be installed. It is prudent that you also determine the level of power consumption of the speaker you are installing against the car audio system. This also takes into consideration the car battery.
  3. careful to avoid damaging the car body
    Careful to avoid damaging the car

    In most cases, the area where the car manufacturer reserved for the installation of such accessories is the best place to have the speaker installed.

  4. If the tweeters are to be installed, the area for its installation may be created by cutting the place open.
  5. However, the woofers may in some cases also require the literal cutting of the areas where they are to be installed. In case the place is on the door or rear where the place is not marked, cutting the whole area may be of help.
  6. You may need to have amounting bracket if the speaker is not fitting the factory reserved area. Otherwise, the car user may also need to modify the speaker to custom it to his desirable design.
  7. Drill the areas if you are having component speakers to install, it may pose a challenge. This is because of the separate nature of the woofer and crossovers. You may then need to do a lot of drilling.
  8. Pry open the areas which hold the former factory speakers and remove them to create room for the new speaker. This however may require the use of force albeit with caution to avoid damage to the car body.
  9. Attach the new speaker to the wiring. Though this is a straight forward affair, it may be quite difficult. Checking the poles of the wires and connect to the system.
  10. Crimping the wires and connecting them to the speaker follows next. In some cases, it may be easier if you had the modern connection system with you where you only use connectors.
  11. Secure the connection using appropriate material. Plastic tapes are not appropriate because of the possibility of heat and so the points may come off for the safety of speaker user.
  12. Test the speakers when the connection is complete. It is meant to ensure that the speakers are working is advised. This is done by connecting the tweeters and woofers to the car audio system probably the crossover. Close up the areas an d collect any leftover material.

There you are. You have your complete car speaker system ready to give you that amazing sound you may have dreamt of.

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