How to Use an OBD2 Scanner?

Learning how exactly to use a good OBD2 scanner for the automobile could be the finest venture that you could continually invest towards your automobile’s health. Additionally, it may assist you in preserving hundreds or thousands of dollars in automobile maintenance.

OBD2 scanner is the 2nd edition of the On-Board Diagnostics device, which monitors motor functions.

In case a vehicle’s engine experiences a malfunction, the “Check Engine” light occurs. An OBD2 scanner can gain access to the resulting trouble codes within the vehicle’s diagnostic computer, or even power train control module. This computerized handheld device can simply connect to vehicles stated in 1996 and later. Earlier vehicles utilize of old diagnostic techniques which vary with respect to the vehicle manufacturer.

OBD2 scan tools are obtainable to use by any kind of vehicle proprietor plus come in an array of cost and functionality. Professional mechanics get access to more advanced readers usually. Regardless of the kind of code reader you possess the real way it is used is pretty much the same.

Before using the OBD2 Scanner you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • First of all, you will generally require a cable for connecting to a scanner or a PC with OBD2 software system. Most scanners are universal for the reasons that they’ll read the most common codes, but some of these may only use certain vehicles therefore make sure that the scanning device you possess works with your vehicle.
  • Ensure that the vehicle’s motor is switched off before linking you.
  • Locate the particular OBD2 system connection plug. If your vehicle is definitely compliant along with OBD2 protocols it has a female 16-pin link plug typically close to the center console for the driver’s side. Different vehicles may have different locations like under the steering wheel, behind the ashtray, between your front seats or beneath the driver’s seat. An instant check online should enable you to find the location for the particular automobile in the event that it is not readily noticeable.
  • Check the particular vehicle’s connector plug to make sure that all of the necessary pins can be found. Most of all that the number 4 plus number 5 pin intended for grounding and the number 16 pin for the power supply.
  • Link your OBD2 scan device to the vehicle’s computer. Your wire with the 16-pin connect at one end should hook up to the female port on your automobile. Connect the opposite end of your cable to your scanner after that.
  • An alternative solution to a hand- kept scanner is to hook up to a PC which has OBD2 software system attached to it. You will require the wire with the 16-pin connector using one end with an USB connection on another in order to attach to your PC. Bluetooth connectors are obtainable to this application also.
  • Once you’re connected it could take a brief interval of time for the readers to initialize. Your scanner can check the vehicle’s computer to find out which protocol is usually necessary as well as make the connection. The particular scanner will read the malfunction code stored in your vehicle’s computer plus display this on the screen.
  • To interpret the particular code you might have to seek advice from the manual for the automobile even though some scanners provide information for basic codes. Some scanning device producers provide entry to applications that will translate the program code and offer repair procedures predicated on that code.

Using an OBD2 scanner is relatively simple plus accessing trouble codes just takes a few minutes. You need to follow the key steps below to use the OBD2 Scanning device properly:

Step 01:  Make sure the automobile is switched off. Locate the data link Connector underneath the steering wheel. That is a wall socket which allows usage of the particular diagnostic computer, which most vehicles are definitely on the driver side.

how to use obd2 scanner

Step 02: Connect your OBD2 scanner to the data Link Connector. The scanner wire has in a 16-pin plug which should match the outlet naturally.

Step 03:  Insert your automobile’s key into the combustion cylinder and change to “On.” With respect to the brand of OBD2 device, you need to turn the motor on and invite it to idle.

Step 04: Turn these devices on, if this didn’t auto-activate itself.

Step 05:  Key in a command to ” read ” or even “scan” the diagnostic system. How exactly to do this depends upon the brand of OBD2 device you’re making use of. Button design varies from design in order to model, plus some devices might work with a menu system. Exact code retrieval instructions will be situated in your own device’s handbook.

Step 06:  Read through the trouble codes on your own device’s read-out screen. Duplicate these types of codes down on to a sheet associated with paper. Some devices are USB equipped and can connect to some type of computer with an USB wire directly. If this kind is experienced by you of OBD2 scanner, device-to-desktop connectivity covers in your scanner’s guide.

Step 07:  Find the trouble codes inside your own device’s handbook. Usually, generic OBD2 codes can be found within an addendum toward the back. They are the particular standardized generic requirements best for all OBD2 yielding automobiles. Manufacturers have a new supplementary set also. A vehicle’s customer’s manual won’t have these types of codes. You will have to be searching them upward on the web or in a maintenance manual for the particular vehicle.

Step 08:  Convert the vehicle’s electrical system off. In the event that you had to start out the engine, transform it off as well. Disconnect the OBD2 scanner’s diagnostic cord in the outlet and turn these devices off.

Eventually, I think the above tips will help you to use the OBD2 scanner appropriately.

So, important thing is that OBD2 scanning devices are usually a great device to bear at your disposal.

In case you are expert at repairing issues mechanically or simply want to know what’s out-of-order together with your vehicle ( rather than obtain scammed by dodgy sellers ) then perform yourself a courtesy and get yourself one today. The heap of money you might reserve in the long term will be irreplaceable.

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