Important Safety Tips to Follow When Using an Air Compressor

The air compressor is one of the most popular tools in the world because of its multiple uses. As valuable as it is, it can be extremely dangerous most especially if it is not handled with utmost care and prudence.

The power that air compressors bring along should never be taken for granted and all deliberate safety measures should be followed at all times. By being mindful of the precautions, you would not only be saving yourself from harm, but also the lives of others.

In this article, we will list down some tips on how you can properly maintain and safely operate an air compressor.

air compressor safety guide
Air compressor safety guide

Always read the user manual

Whether or not you have owned several air compressors, it is very important to go through your owner’s manual. The reason being is you might be missing important information that is specific to that unit you are using. Improperly operating the air compressor may not only lead to costly repairs, but to personal injuries as well.

Make sure to wear adequate safety gear

Air compressors can be very noisy and sometimes they can cause some sparks. It is therefore very important to wear something that would protect both your ears and eyes.

Tighten your hoses and keep them clean

Dirty and loose hose fittings cannot only cause a decline in your air compressor’s performance, but can also result to personal injuries.

Also, make sure your air tool’s trigger is off and keep its direction away from you before turning it on.

Avoid long extension cords

Whenever possible, use a short extension cord if you are using an electric air compressor. Long extension leads may cause voltage drops which can damage the tool. Also, avoid or minimize usage of air compressors in areas where explosive fumes may be present as static buildup may cause fires.

Moreover, do not use an air compressor in damp areas so as to prevent corrosion which may damage its electrical circuitry.

Tip: Before using an electric air compressor, always make sure it is properly grounded.

Double check the power valve

The risk of starting a fire brought by using a gasoline or a diesel powered air compressor may be minimized if you closely check the valve before turning on the motor.

You may safely close the valve once the motor is smoothly running.

Be keen with the oil levels

In the event that your gasoline or diesel powered air compressor runs out of oil in the middle of a job, allow it cool down for a couple of minutes. Refilling it immediately may cause the tank to explode.

Never go beyond the specified maximum pressure

Too much of something is certainly bad enough.

Check your manufacturer’s specifications and take note of the maximum pressure it has indicated. As a rule of thumb, the discharge pressure of an air compressor should not be more than the power ratings of the tool attached to it.

Moreover, always double-check your compressor tool’s pressure gauges and ensure they are working properly.

Turn it off when not in use

Once you are done using an air compressor, turn it off before disconnecting it from the power source or outlet.

If you are using a gasoline-powered air compressor, do not forget to take out the drain valve on its tank so as to remove or avoid moisture build up. When you are ready to use it again, you may put the drain valve back up.

Do not be a hero for your broken compressor

If you are not licensed to fix a damaged or broken air compressor, just leave that tool as it is. Have an expert check if it can still be fixed or not. If he says it is time to buy a new one, follow his recommendations.

That’s it guys.

These are pretty much the most basic and straightforward safety tips that every owner of oil free portable air compressor should follow. While you may be in a rush to finish some tasks or chores, it pays to be cautious and careful at all times.

Following the rules would not only prevent you from suffering injuries, but would also increase the lifespan of your tool.

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  1. I’d add another safety tip: Be very careful using an air compressor near exposed skin, especially your face. The US and Switzerland have laws to regulate the use of compressed air on human skin.

  2. Thanks for the great list of tips Mr. Ray. I would say that these are the well researched list of tips that one should follow in order to make sure that he/she is using their air compressor in an effective and more importantly the smarter and safer way.
    And I have been admired by your way of writing and thanks for such an awesome post. Keep update the blog with some new topics. Kudos for your great work dude.

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