Innova 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool Review

Ever since car manufacturers started integrating on-board computers and electronics in vehicles, diagnosing car issues has never been much easier. Comprised of circuits and sensors that identify system failures or signs of system malfunctions, the on-board diagnostic system (OBD) allows anybody to easily and efficiently fix car issues. Predefined diagnostic codes are being saved in the computer system of vehicles and these are read by OBDs.

One of the more enhanced OBDs available in the market today is the INNOVA 3130C. It has an updated database of known fixes for several car problems. In this article, we will highlight the core features of the INNOVA 3130C OBD2 Scan tool and explain how it can be helpful to automotive technicians or lay persons.

Why buy this product?

The INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool is a more enhanced instrument that comes with a database of solutions called Fix Assist technology. It diagnoses car problems a lot quicker and eliminates check engine light warnings on most of the popular vehicles we have today. It can also be used to check if a car is going to pass an emission test or not.

Innova 3130C description

The INNOVA 3130C is a perfect diagnostic scan tool for all cars manufactured since 1996. With the help of the Fix Assist technology, technicians wouldn’t have to guess what probably the problems with their cars are. The in-tool database quickly reads diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and eliminates engine light warnings in all OBD2 vehicles. All important information retrieved by the INNOVA 3130C scan tool can also be displayed in English, French, or Spanish.

Moreover, the INNOVA 3130C is designed to read the same set of emissions information that are used by most states in the US. At a glance, INNOVA’s status LEDs will let users know if their car will pass an emissions readiness test (Green = Pass, Red = Fail, Yellow = Potential Problems).

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Customer’s proof

Customers, who’ve used the INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool, have a lot of common things to say about the device. We’ll highlight the general observations and we’ll add some insights to each one of them.

Before one can start using the OBD2 tool, a few programs just need to be installed. Most often, they have to be manually allowed because antivirus programs block them for security purposes. It’s quite a hassle or, I should say, may be uncomfortable for some as it asks for personal information to finish setting up an online account.

customer's proof about innova 3130c
Innova 3130c collects all the necessary data that one would want to know about a car needing some repairs.

Good thing is it’s straightforward to use.

The scan tool is made of very hard plastic. However, I honestly don’t think how long it could last most especially if someone drops it accidentally from the hood of the car. I just wish it was made of some other robust and more quality materials.

Several tests can be performed using this tool like anti-lock braking system (ABS) tests, O2 sensor tests, and emission tests. It collects all the necessary data that one would want to know about a car needing some repairs. I therefore find it great that the display has been improved a lot for better viewing.

The screen of the INNOVA 3130C is visibly clearer. I’ve personally used an Actron Autoscanner and I often had trouble viewing details on its screen in broad daylight. The INNOVA 3130C’s backlight has this minor issue eliminated, thus basic information like Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) status, engine monitor problems, and DTCs are easily accessible whenever they’re needed. Going through various menus is also a lot easier and faster, thus I find it more responsive compared to other OBD2 scanners.

INNOVA also did a good job of expanding information about the DTC codes. People, who are used to reading DTCs, may not find this totally significant, but it does help a lot for newbies who want to try fixing issues themselves.

In addition, live data can be stored and recalled. The INNOVA 3130C can be set to Record Mode so it saves all information about the operating state of a vehicle. Anytime, a user can just recall the live data for a thorough analysis.

The software can also be updated online to somewhat upgrade the scanning tool. However, one has to pay for the updates. The same policy goes for the Fix Assist software which requires one to have a subscription to get the most out of it.

The Verdict

Having used in the past some other brands of automotive scan tools, I can easily say that I’m more contented with the INNOVA 3130C. In addition to the much improved screen visibility, the unit is user friendly and very responsive. Navigating through the menus is never a hassle.

It is also very informative and is clearly programmed to read more trouble codes. It can provide car owners accurate repair options for various trouble codes, thus it is a time and money saver for those who know how to perform the fixes themselves.

For newbies, this scan tool is a good way to start. The unit comes along with some helpful tips that would serve as guide for those who want to learn more about various trouble codes.

As to the subscription-based Fix Assist technology, I honestly don’t find it necessary. Whenever possible, one may just do an online search about some trouble codes to get some helpful details.

Final thoughts on the Innova 3130C

I recommend the INNOVA 3130C Diagnostic Scan Tool, not only to automotive technicians, but to those who are still starting off to fix some car errors themselves. The tool is user-friendly, thus anybody willing to learn about car errors and repairs should master using it in no time. Familiarity to the product will surely benefit users as this tool can help prevent trips to car shops and unnecessary expenses.

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Things We Liked

  • Menus show basic car information at all times
  • Displays DTC information in a more understandable format
  • More responsive and user-friendly
  • Can be used to perform emission tests
  • Record Mode that allows saving and recalling of data
  • Ability to save and recall live data
  • Much more improved display, visibly clear even in broad daylight

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Requires setting up an account online when using it for the first time
  • Can be mistakenly detected by Windows antivirus programs as a generic malware
  • Overall quality and build needs to be improved so it lasts longer physically
  • Fix Assist technology is subscription-based

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