Introduction to Crawler Dozers

CASE Crawler DozersMost in the world of construction are familiar with dozers – they are all over the place.

They move on tracks instead of wheels, spreading the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface area.

The biggest benefit of using a crawler loader is that it does everything a wheel loader can do while maintaining the stability of a crawler tractor.

As one of the strongest machines in the field, crawler loaders can withstand heavy listing on a repeated basis.

As a construction manager or worker, you will know that a crawler loader is a valuable machine to have on site almost immediately – with quality machines from companies like Hanlon Case, the maintenance is low and the productivity output is high.

Why a Hanlon Case Crawler Dozer?

Case machinery has many benefits.

Users have the name and reputation of Hanlon Case on their jobsite, first of all, which instills confidence in workers.

They move with ease over many different ground situations such as dirt, water, mud, rich soil, and more.

Built for grading and heavy-duty earthmoving projects, Hanlon Case’s dozers are built with low down torque in mind and the cab is constructed to minimize vibrations and ridiculously loud noise so that the driver can maintain comfort for all day work.

Hanlon Case offers service and parts in-house in the case that a repair is needed or you find yourself needing an attachment. Their mechanics know the machines like the backs of their hands, so the machine will be back on site in no time and there won’t be any cheaply made parts used on the crawler dozer.

Hanlon Case does offer ten different varieties of crawler dozers, so here in this article we have identified the one that will be best suited for most projects: the 2050M XLT.

Best Option for Versatility and High Performance- Hanlon Case 2050M XLT

The Hanlon Case 2050M XLT crawler dozer is, for many situations, the best machine for the job. The XLT offers a 173kW engine with 232 horsepower. It is Tier 4 Interim Certified, placing it in the best class of crawler dozers. The dual path infinitely variable power train is incredibly forceful and has three pre-selective steering sensibilities. In the case of slowing down, the machine has a decelerator with hydrostatic drive retardation and an automatic spring applied parking brake.

This Hanlon Case monster has two lights in the front and one in the rear. The lights actually sit in good positions, allowing for some low light maneuverability and taking away the risk of not being able to work in unfortunate weather or other situations that cause low light.

What The Operator Can Expect

As is typical with Hanlon Case products, the operator can expect to have solid 360 viewing capabilities when inside the 2050M XLT.

Although the company remains a bit humble about it, they clearly have put significant effort into ensuring that operators have no complaints regarding sight line while in the cab.

Also in the cab is air conditioning, heating, a defroster, and windshield wiper.

The cabin is well lit and is actually quite welcoming early in the morning.

It is very comforting to know that no matter the weather outside, the operator can expect a comfortable and climate controlled work experience.

CASE 2050M WT Crawler Dozer

This also greatly influences the overall productivity of each work day- when the operator is comfortable and confident, more work gets done and that work is of a much higher quality than if the operator were upset about their surroundings.

There is a rear wiper for the cab and a radio that works pretty well, it’s not the best radio you’ll see but it gets the job done.

The hydraulic track adjusters on the undercarriage are superb. The way this machine floats is unparalleled by non Hanlon Case products. The track is permanently lubricated and has front as well as rear track guides and an adjuster guard. The blade has a 50-60 degree variable pitch- a strong feature. It is operated by a single lever. An equistatic device allows for the crawler dozer to also perform bull dozer functions with ease.

What the user can expect with the 2050M XLT from Hanlon Case is a straight forward, easy experience. The machine is relatively easy to learn, as the blade is operated by a single lever. The crawl is smooth and predictable. Hanlon Case gives it a bit of flash but spends most of their effort making it as practical and user friendly as they can.

Add-ons and other features

There are a few different blade options that can be applied to the 2050M XLT. Simple things like additional lighting and screens as well as rear mounted equipment like a tow hook can make the machine more operable for special situations. I recommend purchasing the Case Extended Life Track if you plan to use the machine frequently and heavily. You won’t regret the peace of mind it brings.


At Hanlon Case readers can find more information as to why this is such a strong machine.

Personally, the ease of field use alone was enough to bet me on board.

The added features and the fact that it is possible to feel comfortable in the cabin in any weather scenario put the 2050M XLT from Hanlon Case over the top. Because of the fact that they offer service and repair and have so many add-on options available in-house, there is simply no reason not to strongly consider 2050M XLT when you are looking for a versatile and effective crawler dozer.

It has the controllability of the best bulldozers with functionality far beyond what one would expect. The versatile controls couple with low gas consumption (also meaning low emissions) for a win-win situation. If you are in the market for a crawler dozer or bulldozer, look no further than the 2050M XLT from Hanlon Case. Your workers will thank you, your clients will appreciate the timely finished product, and you will not have to worry about excess costs or maintenance.

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