Irrigation Supplies: Pick the Right One For Your Garden Size

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right irrigation system for your garden. Your climate, garden size, and soil are just some factors to consider when choosing the right irrigation supplies from Sunshower Online, to help your garden thrive and to save on valuable water. Research shows that over half of the water consumed by the average household is spent on the irrigation of gardens. The same research shows that much of this water is wasted as a result of ineffective irrigation systems.

It is therefore essential to purchase the right irrigation system, that will be most effective for your garden’s specific needs. Read on to find out more about the most popular irrigation systems on the market today, and how they may benefit the health of your family garden.

Spray Sprinkler Systems

A spray sprinkler system is an ideal irrigation system for smaller spaces which require a large supply of water for a short period of time. The two main types of spray sprinkler systems are those that pop out of the ground and those that are mounted.
Spray sprinkler systems are most effective in smaller flat areas, such as flower beds. However, they are flexible and can be modified to either reduce or increase water-flow, depending on your gardens needs. If you are yet to plant your garden, ensure that you organize your plants into hydrozones. This means that your plants are grouped according to their watering needs, from moderate to low. This ensures that any spray sprinkler system you set up, can be set to the ideal setting for all plants in the same hydrozone.

Rotor Systems

Rotor systems operate in a similar fashion to spray sprinklers, however, they instead utilize a rotating head to supply a rotating stream of water. This means that the system can be programmed to spin around in set arcs, making the system able to reach a further area than other irrigation systems.
Rotor systems are also the recommended irrigation system for gardens that have sloping lawns or are designed with many oddly shaped plant zones. The flexibility of the rotating head allows the rotor system to reach further into each zone, an effectively irrigate your entire garden.


Bubbler nozzles are designed to water the soil at ground level, providing water to the roots of individual trees. Installing bubblers in any garden which has a multitude of trees or deeply rooted plants, is essential in order to ensure that a pressured flow of water is delivered directly to the roots.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation describes the practice of applying small amounts of water directly into a specific zone of a plant. Drip irrigation systems are therefore more suitable for smaller garden sizes or are most effective when used on specific plants.
In a drip irrigation system, water is delivered to the root of the plant in intermittent increments, through fine tubing or hoses. Drip irrigation systems have therefore become a popular choice for those who are conscious of their environmental footprint, as they have been shown to use up to 50 percent less water than other irrigation systems. While spray sprinklers and rotor systems are most effective over large areas, they can cause water to run off and be wasted. As a drip irrigation system delivers water directly into the soil level, there is minimal opportunity for any water to be wasted.

Choosing the right irrigation system is essential for the health of your garden. Selecting a system that is inappropriate to the size and needs of your garden, can result in damage to your plants and trees and can lead to significant waste in the water. It is therefore essential to understand the key differences between each irrigation system on the market and select the right option for your home garden.

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