Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural Review

Some guitars are able to fit that perfect niche between cold-fingered beginner and experienced shredder. The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar-natural is that guitar. It is a sleek looking dreadnought guitar that is an industry standard as far as size and general tone. An experienced guitarist will notice right away that this instrument is a big step up from that Wal-Mart junk that so many musicians start with. In this respect, the Jasmine S35 is a great guitar to work on as you progress into intermediate level playing and light gigging. It will be necessary to step up to a better guitar if you want a full-time gig ready instrument.

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

First impression

When the guitar arrived at my house it didn’t seem like anything special. I took it out of the box and it needed a good tuning. I was impressed with how comfortable I felt after only fifteen minutes of playing the guitar. But I did notice, like I mentioned above, that I would need to do some work on the neck in order for it to perform at maximum quality.

Appropriate for beginners or as a practice instrument

If you are an experienced guitarist and looking for a bargain practice guitar, this instrument can do the trick if you are willing to put in some modification work on it. That is why I bought it. By adjusting the action just a little bit, the tone became much clearer. Then, I saddled down the truss rod and adjusted it to my liking closer to the fret board. The S35 seems to do best when the strings are as low as possible, but not so low that they are buzzing or ‘fretting out’. If you buy from a guitar shop they can take care of this for you, but us online shoppers are going to have to do it ourselves.

How is the sound?

The sound is thick and bold. This is great for solo artists who rely on the guitar to help define their style. It is also beneficial because it is very noticeable when time to change the strings or make other small adjustments to the guitar. It is easy to notice if a string is out of tune. As far as string gauges, you will want to run .012-.053 light gauge.


How is the build?

It is relatively light weight, so you can either sit down or put a strap on it and play while standing without feeling any strain on the neck. I found it to best when sitting down. The light frame was easy on my leg and I was able to practice for over an hour without feeling fatigue. The lightness is probably caused by the dry, poor quality wood used to build the body. I noticed that it is a bit rickety. The guitar is made rather cheaply, which is why it is possible to buy for under $100. It is necessary to keep a firm grip on the neck and maintain composure. Sorry punk rockers, but this guitar might not be for you if you do a lot of spinning or running around.

I have had to clean my guitar numerous times because dirt and other particles tend to stick to the laminate. It can be hard to do- on multiple occasions I have had to remove all six strings just to give the guitar a wipe down. I learned to do this each time I changed the strings to save myself having to retune from scratch. Because the guitar does not come with a case, you will want to buy one in order to minimize this cleaning routine.

How is the size and what parts are used?

At 25.5 inches long with a 12 inch fingerboard radius, the Jasmine S35 is very run of the mill. It has 20 frets, which is not uncommon for acoustics but if you are moving from an electric or any guitar with more frets, you will have to re-transcribe any solo parts that utilized the highest frets. There is a good chance that you will need to file down a few of the frets after purchasing. If this happens, make sure to do the filing with the neck under tension.

Chrome tuning machines and full body binding are built to medium quality. One of this instrument’s biggest benefits is that if something does get messed up, it will be very cheap and/or easy to fix. The bang for your buck appears to be what keeps this guitar selling. I am glad that I didn’t pay more for it, but am not upset with what I got for the price. It has a plucky tone that is not appropriate for all styles of music.

Bottom Line

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar comes with its pros and cons. It is cheap, lightweight, and easy to learn on. It is also easy to get comfortable with because of its standard size and shape. It holds a tune well and is nice and sturdy. The guitar does well when travelling, one of its only true benefits. It is strong, sturdy, and can take some light hits without damaging the façade to any point worth mentioning. This guitar is a better deal than other guitars in the same price range because of this durability. Just like other cheaper guitars, the consistency is not great. After I did the initial work on the neck, I had to go back and rework two of the frets down even further because they started fretting out after a few months.

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It is not a good guitar for people who play gigs constantly or who are very hard on their instruments when playing. Once you get to be advanced level player, you should be willing to look at a more quality instrument. At that point, this guitar can serve as a decent back up or practice guitar. But if you are looking to purchase a guitar to learn on, or for a child or other beginner, the Jasmine S35 is as good of an option as you will find. Right now, the pricing is cheaper than it has been in the past so it is a good time to buy.

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