Review Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers


Do you experience poor sound quality from your digital music? It just doesn’t have the same tone and authenticity as the old LP’s you listened to when you were young. Even if you’re just starting to listen to LP’s, you’ll notice that they have their own sound that is not adequately duplicated through digitization.

The Jensen stereo turntable is very similar to the old record players most people had when they were younger. To younger people, it may seem new and different, but they’ll love the way it reproduces their music, too.

Built-in Speakers for Optimum Sound Quality

This record player has two speakers built in, and they sound much better than your old 60’s or 70’s turntable. You can also use its line-out jacks to hook the unit to an external power amp and then upgrade the speakers like people used to do back in the 70’s. It even has an aux-in jack, so you can plug in your phone or iPod and use the Jensen turntable speakers to enhance the sound of your digital recordings.

You can Rip your old Records into MP3 Format

One of the main reasons people purchase this turntable is to rip their old LPs to MP3 format. It recreates the sound and quality you may have forgotten, and that was something special to your LP’s. This is a great everyday unit, for people who appreciate a good price and who love the traditional sound.

How does it work?

  • 3-speed turntable is belt driven, for clarity and lack of skipping.
  • Aux input jack allows for connection of digital audio devices.
  • Stereo headphone jack and RCA line-outs are included.
  • USB port and cable are included. This allows you to convert LP’s to digital. Included software lets you record, edit and convert audio content to MP3.
  • Pitch control lets you adjust tone control, volume control and record speed.

The Producer

jensen jta-230

Jensen is a well-known brand that has epitomized sound production since its early days. Today, they have expanded beyond home audio and are also into mobile audio for vehicles. The company had humble roots, when, in 1915, Peter Jensen, still a young man at the time, helped to invent the loud-speaker. From there, Jensen has become a household name in quality audio products.

Innovation is a vital concept at Jensen, from those early days, and still today. They design and build reproductions of vintage products from the 60’s and 70’s that allow you to enjoy the LP’s you used to love, in the manner in which they were designed to be played. Jensen enjoys a great deal of popularity and is a dominant company in the US audio market.



I purchased this turntable a couple weeks ago, after comparing it with some similar models. I was quite happy with it, especially for this low price point. It’s a great value. I tested some albums last weekend, and experienced quality sound and no skipping, except for one really old record that had a scratch in the vinyl.

I noticed that some buyers commented that the speakers are not loud enough, but I have found that, with the volume all the way up, the sound level is fine. Jensen recommends playing at top volume for LP’s. The music is less grainy when LP’s are played at high volume on this turntable. The sounds from the instruments are more distinct too, when the tone is set on maximum.

I don’t have any problem with the auto stop switch, either. It allows me to either let the turntable continue to run after the needle has reached its run-out groove, or to have it shut off when the needle is at that point. There isn’t an option for the arm to go back to its resting position and turn off. I always just let it hit the run-out groove and then put it back.

One thing I thought was cool is that the dust cover on the Jensen 3-Speed has cutouts on the left side, along with the front and back. This lets you play records with the lid closed. I really like that.


In choosing a new turntable, I did some comparison shopping before I bought the Jensen JTA-230. I enjoy listening to my father’s old LP’s and I wanted a turntable that would have the original sound that I loved so much as a kid. I thought the speakers had plenty of volume for my purposes.

I looked first at the older cousin of this model, the Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable, since it’s still available, too. But it doesn’t have an auxiliary input jack for MP3 players and the like. The older model also didn’t offer a USB port, which the JTA 230 does. The JTA 222 is still a good unit – I just like some of the options on the JTA-230 better.


The Jensen JTA-230 is affordable and high-quality. It’s the ideal first turntable for a new audiophile. It’s also quite helpful if you want to transfer music onto your PC or Mac. It is ready to go right out of the box, without any set-up time. It gives you the clarity of your LP’s, which is simply never duplicated in digital music formats.

If you want to hear your LP’s the way they were originally designed to be heard, here’s an excellent deal on the Jensen JTA-230!

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