How Kia has Become Top Value for Consumers ?

With a worldwide production of 2.5 million vehicles per year and a strong showing in all major car markets around the globe, Kia has paired high quality manufacturing with consumer-friendly prices for a one-two punch to the global market. Always innovating within their range, Kia set to work to redefine cutting edge manufacturing processes to lower costs and bring customers something new without the huge price tag.

In June 2016, Kia was named as J.D Power’s No.1 brand in its annual survey of vehicle reliability, making it the first non-luxury brand for 27 years to win the title. The hard work that Kia has made to lift the expectations of consumers has paid off, by investing millions into engineering and design to create sturdy, reliable and sleek vehicles at reasonable prices.

Meticulous design and craftsmanship



This focus on craftsmanship, design and continuous improvement is what makes Kia one of the most innovative car manufacturers in the industry. Never afraid to introduce the latest technology into its vehicles, Over the past decade, Kia has been the innovator when it comes to design, practicality and ergonomics – introducing the brand to a younger audience along the way.

Kia Australia has played a large role in ensuring the Kia brand is talked about amongst the general public, with a number of long-term sponsorship deals with a number of large sporting events. In 2015, Kia utilised its high-tech innovation to sponsor the Australian Open tennis tournament, linking its advertising with the “Game On” mobile application, adapting it to enable beacon and smartwatch technology.

Implementing the latest technology across the range

This technology was created to show the power behind the innovative technology found in Kia vehicles, utilising the Kia UVO platform. With voice-recognition technology, UVO has redefined in car entertainment with hands-free access to your music collection, hands-free calls and navigation. Kia sees in car entertainment and connectivity a key attribute in engaging new and existing customers who expect some form of mobile or entertainment connectivity in the modern era.

Improving innovation within existing technology, dedication to creating high quality vehicles and a keen eye for modern classic designs has seen Kia win a number of notable awards throughout its history, and in recent times become one of the most awarded car manufacturers on the market.

Building on award-winning design

The all-new Kia Optima and Sportage have made headlines around the world for their excellent build quality, innovative features and sleek designs – built on top of excellence. This is shown in the number of awards they have won between them. Winning the “best of the best” Red Dot award in a highly competitive category shows that the Kia Optima hasn’t rested on its laurels, but the team behind it has continued to make incremental improvements for a better ride, both in ergonomics and economics.

Smart, intelligent vehicles with a pulse

Whilst under the hood of the range of Kia vehicles you will find innovation after innovation, the sleek and sexy designs of the vehicles themselves have won praise from all corners of the motor industry. One key factor in all of this has been the appointment of Peter Schreyer as chief design officer and president. Joining in 2006, Peter saw a huge opportunity for Kia to punch above its weight in terms of design and innovation, unifying Kia’s global identity and bringing smart, intelligent vehicles to a younger audience.

Peter led the design team to create a new character for the range of vehicles it was about to introduce, creating a new face for each vehicle that drove consumer recognition. This moved the company into utilising the creative cultural heritage of the firm’s South Korean roots and incorporating the sleek, simple lines into the new modern Kia look.

From concept to reality – implementing innovations in the future

Kia launched a number of concept cars that teased the direction the company had in mind when it came to finished designs, introducing a number of design features into future models up until the present day. This sleek sophistication that you now see in the latest models are the latest line in the ever improving evolution of the Kia design ethos.

With the innovation in design, focus on technology and improved ecological engineering across its range, Kia has become the go-to car brand for first time buyers, especially amongst young buyers. The company has focused on the drivers of tomorrow in terms of its advertising, sponsorship and price range to offer special programs and discounts across the range.

With a trusted Kia used cars and dealership platform worldwide, Kia Global has gained many new customers in the industry, offering fantastic aftersales services, as well as award winning warranty services that customers can rely on. With Kia’s reputation amongst customers at an all-time high, you can expect further innovation in the years to come, as well as the latest technology, sleek design and reliability that the Kia brand has long been recognised for.

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