Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel Review


  • Are you planning for some big celebrations on your anniversary, but are worried about the limited storage of your refrigerator to cool the most demanded item “the wine”? Do not worry, because Koldfront, a pioneer manufacturer of cooling appliances is here for your rescue.
  • With Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel, this company is offering you a bigger and better cooler, which can actually handle all the extended needs of chilled wine for a memorable get-together. The separate zone for different kinds of wines is a wonderful idea that caters to the needs of your individual guests. So go ahead and read along the features, benefits and limitations of this wonderful appliance, before ordering this wonderful home appliance that can also make a happening pub or bar.

Product Features

  • Dual Zone Cooler: This 24-bottle cooler belongs to Koldfront’s 7-series category. It consists of two separate compartments with their specific temperature zones. Both the zones can be used simultaneously at different temperatures to store different type of wines.
  • Stainless steel Finish: The door trims with stainless steel and a tempered glass is fitted to give you a clear view of your chilled wines. What makes the koldfront 24 bottle wine cooler different from other coolers is that it comes with safety lock to secure the wine bottles.
  • Eco-Friendly thermo-electric cooling: No more harmful chlorofluorocarbons, thanks to the advanced thermo-electric technology, which is the heart and soul of eco-friendly koldfront 24 bottle wine cooler. This technology used in all latest models of cooling systems ensures that while this wine cooler completes your home décor, it does so soundlessly and without any vibrations.
  • Fully drawn-out shelves: There are 7 shelves in all and they are removable to design the cabinet space according to your requirements. These robust shelves are made from wood, giving an appeal and elegance to the interiors than ever before.
  • Sleek Design: koldfront 24 bottle wine cooler has got a sleek design not only from front side but the back side too. The back panel of the cooler is properly sealed and protected. Two exhaust vents, superior quality air-filters and proper conduit for electrical wiring at the back ensures not only proper cooling, but make it safe to be kept at any place.
  • Dual Zone temperature controller: The temperature controller is centrally located on the front of the cabinet for easy accessibility. A complete touchscreen panel  with temperature adjustment buttons are provided for both the zones separately.

“Important: Radio devices may disrupt the temperature settings, Keep radio devices away from wine-cooler”

Product Specifications

  • Model Type:                          TWR247ESS
  • Weight:                                 23.5 pounds
  • Rated Voltage:                    AC 115V/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:         100 W
  • Storage Capacity:             24 Bottles
  • Temperature Range:
  • Upper-Zone :              54 to 66 degrees F
  • Lower Zone :               46 to 66 degrees F
  • Installation:                         Free Standing
  • Color :                                     Black & Stainless Steel

Who must buy Koldfront 24- bottle wine cooler

This wine cooler is manufactured and designed by koldfront  to cater today’s busy way of life. This is a versatile wine cooler suitable for following users.

  • This mid-ranged wine cooler can be used for both commercial pubs as well as personalized bars at home.
  • Suitable for all wine enthusiasts who have a passion for wine collection.
  • Since it can store both red and white wines, wine-lover has both or either of the wine flavors can buy this 24-bottle wine cooler from koldfront.
  • Ideal for parties. You can impress your friends not only with its looks, but also with the quality of wine it maintains.

Benefits of Wine Koldfront 24-bottle dual zone wine cooler

This wine cooler has many benefits list as below

  • Stores 24 bottles, which are more than sufficient for any party.
  • Maintains perfect temperature for different kind of wines.
  • Occupies minimum space in a kitchen or you living room.
  • Designed with secure front and back panel for maximum protection. A lockable door is a good option to save bottles from unexpected breakage.
  • Stainless steel body is very sturdy and goes a long way with you.
  • Affordable, easy on your pocket.


How Koldfront 24-bottle dual zone wine cooler does works.

  • Rather than using conventional compressor, koldfront dual zone cooler utilizes thermo-electric technology, which is more advanced and environment-friendly.
  • Heat pumps are used to dispel the heat from cabinet until the set temperature is achieved. The cooling in cabinet depends on the temperature outside the cooler. Since the ambient temperature plays a major role in cooling of them-electric coolers, utmost care should be taken to control the temperature in the area around the cooler.

User review and recommendation

More than 80% of customers have rated it with 4-5 stars. Here are our recommendations for this stunning wine cooler.

  • Feature and price                                                            8/10
  • Advantage benefit                                                          9/10
  • Installation, warranty, maintenance                        9/10

User guidance, maintenance and issues-fixing

There are certain Do’s and Don’ts which will help you keep Koldfront 24-bottle wine cooler to make it work efficiently.


  • Level the cooler with leveler wheel provided.
  • Proper electrical grounding should be connected.
  • Wine cooler should be installed in a place where ambient temperature is always around 78 degrees F.
  • A clearance of 5” on all the sides of the cooler is a bare minimum requirement.
  • Opening the door for a few hours after installation and before use will make it free from any foul smells and accumulated humidity.


  • Do not store perishable items in cooler since they require different temperatures.
  • Do not move the unit without removing all the items and do not forget to lock the door.
  • Do not install the cooler near heat sources or direct sunlight.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or chemicals to clean the interiors as it may damage the surface.


  • Get the Koldfront 24-bottle free standing wine cooler, and you will not hear any complaints about the flavor of Red or White wines served at your party.
  • However long your party goes, you will always get the refreshing wine from this 24 bottle, spacious, soundless and astonishingly attractive wine cooler. Garnering rave customer reviews this wine cooler can be summed up in a five star comment given by an Amazon customer “The wine cooler is elegant, and well made. We are really happy with our purchase”

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