The Grass Is Greener This Summer: Lawn Care Tips for Hot Weather

Summer is perfect weather for people but not necessarily great for the front yard. Read the best summer lawn care tips to maintain a beautiful, healthy yard.

lawn care tips
Lawn in the garden.

Is your lawn ready for summer?

If not, it’s time to give your grass some extra attention. Summer means spending more time outdoors, so you want your lawn to be ready for your kids to play on and nice enough to show off to your neighbors a summer BBQ.

The key to a healthy summer lawn is starting early and being consistent with great care all season. Keep reading to learn lawn care tips that will help you enjoy more time outdoors this summer with less stress about your yard.

The Best Summer Lawn Care Tips

You can enjoy a lush, beautiful lawn all summer long. To help you get started, Here are five lawn care tips to start doing right now:

1. Mow With Sharp Blades

When was the last time you changed the blades on your lawnmower? Sharp blades will cut the cleanest lawn. Dull blades can rip up your yard, which will cause more weeds and bugs.

2. Don’t Over Water Your Grass

Overwatering is a common mistake that will kill your grass. Some homeowners get concerned about droughts during the summer and start watering their lawn every day, but overwatering can be worse than under watering.

Your grass only needs about an inch of moisture at a time. Get a rain gauge so you can see how much water it’s getting naturally, and supplement with sprinklers or the hose as needed.

3. Don’t Cut The Grass Too Short

Another mistake people make is cutting their grass too short. Grass that is too short will be more susceptible to weeds and disease.

You should only need to mow your lawn about every other week and make sure it’s no less than two inches in length. Longer grass, around four inches in length, will be even healthier.

4. Get Professional Help

Summer is typically the time that we get outside and try to do more DIY projects in the yard. Taking care of your lawn is great, but make sure you leave any big plans to the professionals. For example, if a tree is giving you too much shade and ruining your grass, call a professional tree removal service.
Trying to do big projects on your own can ruin your yard and require you to spend more money on all new grass.

5. Start Early With Fertilizer

If you want to enjoy your grass in the summer, you have to think ahead and start taking care of your yard early. As soon as the snow melts and the weather gets nicer, it’s time to fertilize your yard.
You can also fertilize your yard in the fall to try and keep it as healthy as possible in the winter. When you follow a strict maintenance schedule all year long, it will give you the best looking lawn.

Learn More About Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn might sound complicated, but there are just a few essential lawn care tips to follow. If you take care of your yard, you’ll be able to entertain every weekend.
The health of your grass is just one aspect of your yard. Check out the rest of our website for more helpful gardening advice.

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