LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

The Lem product .75 HP Electric Meat Grinders have proven their incredible popularity among consumers. Despite the hefty price tag this grinder has remained to be a favorite for many. It comes with a fast and strong motor. This motor is able to grind around 360 pounds of meat in an hour.

This product weights 47 pounds. It is solid, durable and always ready for heavy duty tasks. Its housing is made of stainless steel. The gears are also made from metal. This makes them strong and durable. Unlike the plastic gears found in other grinders, these metallic gears will last many years.

This amazing grinder has a powerful motor. This motor enables the grinder to work for long efficiently. The motor has an internal circuit breaker. This is a vital safety feature and ensures that your grinder is safe in case of a power surge.

The meat grinder is a worth investment. This model is an improved version of previous models. It comes with standard yet impressive features. With this big bite grinder, you do not need to worry about unit overheating. This is common in cheap models. An overheating grinder ruins the meat quality and the grinder too.

The LEM .75 HP stainless steel grinders are ETL certified to UL standards. It comes with the UL mark by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This is an organization that ensures product safety is adhered to. With this mark in place, you can be sure that this grinder is of the highest quality.

Benefits Of The Meat Grinder

  • High processing capacity-this grinder is popular for its high processing capacity. In about 1 hour, the grinder is able to give 360 pounds of ground meat. This makes it a perfect fit for home and commercial use.
  • Strong motor-the .75HP motor is strong enough to keep the grinder running for many hours. This is a major benefit especially for individuals with huge tasks.
  • Stainless steel housing-the stainless steel housing makes the grinder strong, durable and reliable. This grinder will last for many years. You may never need to change anything about the housing.
  • Heavy-duty handle-the handle is another major benefit that you will get. Being a heavy grinder, moving it around can be challenging. However, with this heavy-duty handle you can move the machine with ease.
  • Durable metal gears-these metallic gears make the grinder strong and reliable. Unlike plastic gears which clog and break, the steel gears are strong and long-lasting.

Best Benefit

The motor

  • The .75HP, 110V motor system is the best feature of the product. The motor give the grinder enough power to grind all types of meat. It can even grind soft chicken bones. This motor is permanently lubricated. The permanent lubrication keeps the user worry free. This is because they do not need to care about its maintenance. The internal structure of the motor is kept in check. With this motor, quick grinding performance is guaranteed.


Our review and Recommendations

One user said that they can’t live without it. This is for the simple fact that it grinds poultry meat and bones with ease. This user goes through 200 pounds of meat, with bones, in 30 minutes. “The meat temperature is nothing to worry about”, they said. It serves the purposes of making cat and dog food to satisfaction.

Another user explains that the grinder far exceeded their expectation. “The beast of a grinder has so much power that it doesn’t even finish stretching when running 20lbs of pork or 15lbs of beef through it”, they said. The customer is particularly happy about the big bite technology. This is because it helps the grinder suck down the meat. This eliminates the need to pre-freeze the meat or use a tamper.

Product Features

  • Dimensions 2.2×11.5×8.5 inches
  • Shipping weight 44.3 pounds
  • Size #12
  • Motor 0.75HP, 110V
  • 3 cutting plates; coarse 3/8”, fine 3/16” and stuffing plate
  • 3 stuffing tubes ¾”, 1 ¼ “and 3/8”
  • 1 Meat tray 5×8.5×2.25”
  • Big bite auger for easy use
  • Knife and meat pusher included
  • 2 years warranty

Best Feature of The Lem Product .75 HP

The 3 cutting plates

  • This product come with 3 cutting plates. These include a sausage stuffing plate and two grinding plates. One of the two grinding plates is course 3/8 inch holes while the other is fine 3/16 inch holes.
  • Many users are happy with these plates. This is because they do not need to mind about the lack of a medium sing grinder plate. The sausage stuffing plate plays the role perfectly. The cutting and grinding plates spin together. This gives a groove pattern.

User Guide

When buying this meat grinder, you will get a guide. This guide helps you in maintaining the grinder in its best state. One of the maintenance tips you need is how to clean the grinder. This grinder is easy to clean.

All you need to do is remove the auger nut, the auger, the meat pan and the grinding plate. Let these items soak in a bowl of warm water. Use a soft bottle brush or sponge to clean them. Let them sit and dry before putting them away. This way, you will ensure that the parts remain intact for any years.



This LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder provides everything you need from a meat grinder. It gives the user industrial speed and power from the convenience of their kitchen. Buying this grinder could possibly be the lat grinder purchase you make. It lasts for a long time and comes with attachments. It has different grinding plates giving you the flexibility you need. You will never go wrong with this grinder.

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