How to Maintain a Rook Rack

Even if they are worth it to buy they are not the cheapest accessory one on the market and there is no sense in spending for an expensive roof rack if you do not maintain it well. If you take care of the luggage rack, the roof rack will return the favor. It will work properly and you won’t have to worry about your roof rack all the time because you are maintaining it well. Anything that you leave outside for long hours needs constant maintenance and the roof rack is one of them. The installation of a roof rack on the car and not maintaining the rack can cost you a lot so you better know how to maintain it.



How to take care of the roof rack

The first thing you need to do is to remove the roof rack from time to time so you can clean and do an inspection of it. Cleaning a roof rack is easy and you can use soapy for it. Find all the bolts, washers, locks, tightening knobs, and others and then lubricate them all. if there are corroded parts, make sure that you are putting a replacement right away. After that, do regular inspections for any wear and tear that is new. Once you have done this, see if there are frayed straps as well as loose buckles. Regardless if you have a Kayak Roof Rack, bike roof rack, and others, you do not want to lose your gear because there is already cracked plastic and sometimes you won’t like frayed straps. If you see any worn pieces, replace them right away.

Do not overload the roof rack

This is something that you should never do because it can get destroyed. If you have a couple of people with you, they need to have a separate vehicle where they can load their equipment. Overloading your roof rack can cause it to break, have cracks, and become unstable because you have exceeded its capacity.

Load the rack

You should know how to put load on the rack so you will lessen wind resistance. If you are carrying kayaks, you need to make sure that there is also a bow that ties them down. Make sure that there is enough balance of the load above the car. If your car is not balanced because of you did not tied down the equipment properly, your car will become unstable while on the road and it will be uncomfortable for you. There is also a tendency for the kayak to slip off from the roof rack.


Inspect the straps

Check if the straps are already frayed or you can warn the straps on buckles that are not tight enough. You need to replace them prior to any danger that might happen. The cam buckles that are stuck can be washed using hot water or you can make the buckle loose.

Have awareness

You should check and see if there is any spare height because of the gear that can be found on the roof. Another thing is that you have to be aware that the gear is more than the length of the car. If needed, you must tie a red flag at the back of the gear.

Damage control

This is one of the biggest concerns when you are attaching gear on your car’s roof rack. You need to make sure that you avoid tightening the ratchets of your straps because this tension can cause damage to the racks. You need to stay away from any damage by putting padding on the racks using towels. When you do this, there will be no friction that will come from the straps and rackets will not rub against the rack.

Know what you can put on the roof rack

Not every cargo is appropriate for travelling outside using your car. With that being said, the duffel bags are major candidates for travelling outside as long as the weather is good. If you choose to thread the strap and make it go through the bag handles, make sure that it is tight enough so that the duffel bag is closer instead of it being pulled apart. This is going to help secure the ones on the roof rack. Another thing you need to think about are the bikes, but the good thing is that there are attachment points.

You need to expect this

If you can feel that the items are shifting while you are driving on the road, there is a possibility that they are going to move forward. The best thing you can do is to stop this kind of movement to keep a safe following the distance and you can avoid heavy brakes.

Moving side to side is the next problem you might have, especially if the route you have is causing you to travel on curvy roads. If you see any form of movement, you must pull over immediately and make adjustment on the straps. It is much better to be safe than being sorry.


Additional tips

Similar to anything you will encounter in life, you will get what you are paying for. This means that if you want a roof rack that lasts and gives security to your gear, you need to make sure that you only buy the brands that have been tried and tested. These brands are well-known for a reason and because they have crafted the most durable roof racks and carriers for cargo that people know. Even if the best roof racks need normal maintenance and care, you will see that you will save money in the long run.

Follow the given tips on how to maintain your roof rack because we know that they are not cheap. You need to know how to properly clean and attach equipment on your vehicle without damaging anything especially your car. As long as you do the tips given, you won’t have to worry.



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